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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am a newbie fisherman. I have gone fishing multiple times in the gta with no luck (5 times lol). I was wondering if there are any parks or spots that are (1) willing to be shown to me physically (2) anyone is willing to write here. I have been trying different locations and they do not seem that good. I understand that the GTA may not be the best place for fishing but as a young adult that does not have the most free time or money, I’m looking for options that are somewhat local and more accessible. I also understand that someone wouldn’t probably share their spots, but this is a shot in the dark. Thank you
  2. I’ve seen that people are able to catch pike and bass near the Toronto harbour and Ontario place in the summer, but I was curious if anyone has had any luck in the winter. I would like to head down this weekend but not sure if it’s worth the trip.
  3. Been fishing various spots along the downtown shoreline, targeting Pike. No luck at all. Not even a Bass, Sunfish, Kitty etc. I have only seen one other couple fishing and they said that they had no luck. Is anyone else working the shore? Tips? -Pierre
  4. Recreational fishing at Grenadier Pond in High Park may come to an end: http://www.highparknature.org/wiki/uploads/VolunteerOpportunities/HPN-Update-2013Jan13.pdf And http://www.highparknature.org/wiki/wiki.php?n=VolunteerOpportunities.HighParkNaturalEnvironmentCommittee
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