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  1. I love some of the names folks come up with, some don't make a lick of sense to me but must mean something to the person that made it up. Mine is Old Ironmaker here simply because that's what I did for most of my life and I'm close to 60. I have other handles on other forums, like Southern Canuck. It's a US site and tells who I am and from where sort of. How did you come up with yours? I think I know how Joey came up with hers. Right Joanne, maybe.
  2. Looking at a new/used car or small SUV for the wifie Many have CVT trannies. I guess to improve fuel economy. Will they be as maintenance free and durable as their automatic predecessors? Should they be embraced or avoided?
  3. So our brutal summer of fire continues. Nearly 6,000,000 acres burnt so far with 4,700,000 acres in the North Slave region. Air quality has been brutal and our only route to the South has been closed more than it has been open. It's closed again today for some unknown reason. Been choking up at the cabin lease pretty bad as well. You would figure all the smoke would get rid of the bugs, but the black flies are pretty bad today. Did get my dock completed except for my mooring whips (ordered this week and picking up at the new Cabelas in Anchorage next month. The last 4 anchor boulders have been installed as well as the shore side chain retainers and chains. Also finished installing the dock edging. Need to finish my trail and hopefully lay out my foundation before the end of the weekend.
  4. I recently picked up some used Bell Sat receivers and just called Bell to have them transferred over to my account so I can hook them up and use them. The young lady on the phone was absolutely wonderful to deal with. I told her about the machines and that the previous owner had cancelled his account. I wanted to make sure that I could activate them on my account. She asked me for the R#'s of the units and did a search on her system and found they were still attached to the old users account. She then put me on hold while she called the old owner to see if she could get permission to transfer the units to me but got no answer. She did a little digging and found that the fellow had indeed cancelled his account so she went ahead and put them in my name!!! ​With all of my other dealings with Bell I have wanted to eat my 12 gauge!!!! ​This was a very pleasant surprise to actually talk to someone who wanted to help me and went above and beyond to do so!!! That's my feel good story for the day. I now return you to your regularly scheduled hell!!!
  5. Just had to light up the woodstove! Not feeling like summer in this neck of the woods!
  6. Hey guys. I have a 14' tinny with a 20 yammie FS tiller that I built a casting deck in. It has the two seats across and the two corner seats in the stern. The deck is made from 3/4 plywood and goes from the rearmost bench seat to the stem. It's a full 8' long and like 5' wide at the widest part. It also has a 3/4 ply sub floor in between the two benches. There's a battery in the front with trolling motor. Battery in the rear along with the gas can. With just me in it it gets up on plane no sweat. Me and my 7 and 5 year old boys also gets on plane. But myself and another adult it won't get on plane. I installed a stingray hydrofoil and makes no difference. This motor is fairly new and I would expect it to be able to get up as is with two adults. My uncle has a 14' with a 15 merc and with three lard arses and all gear plus cooler live well goes no problem. When my motor is pushing with two guys it seems to be running at maybe half rpm and wants to pull the tiller away from me to turn right when the steering damper is loose. Any suggestions. Maybe a different prop? It is rated for a 35hp but I would have thought a 20hp would suffice.
  7. I know where to get good answers for a problem. So here I am. At the end of last season I went to fill my tank for winterizing. My fuel gauge has always had a problem which is it always shows full until about a quarter. Although the gauge showed full based on useage I know it was 1/2. I filled the tank and after about 20 liters it suddenly overflowed from the filler port, nothing came out the vent cap. I know it was nowhere near full even though the fuel could be seen at the top of the filler tube. I took the boat home and removed the vent and fished a long wire down the filler tube but didn't feel any resistance and the fuel couldn't be seen any longer before fishing the wire. Replaced the vent cap and filled again, slowly. I could here the fuel rising and it took another 20 liters. Went for a ride with the boat in tow to the next gas station before filling looked down the tube and couldn't see any liquid and it took another 20 or so litters. Continued the tour of filling stations in the county and the last stop the fuel level was at the top, tank full. It's doing the same thing this season. I hoped the problem might magically disappear, no such luck. I'm told I have a vapour lock. Is it vapour lock? Those persons aren't able to give me a fix. Changing the float is on my to do list. It actually has made me more aware to fill constantly. Ran out once, that's enough. Any suggestions folks. Thinking just now would filling with the vent cap off tell me anything? Thanks in advance, JD
  8. Do water infraction tickets given to people based on a complaint from another civilian stand up in court? Police did not witness any of the action that lead to the complaint. Just curious. Thanks
  9. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Or in this case.... http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/4583438-former-barrie-cop-jason-nevill-released-from-jail-changes-name/
  10. Finally got my new coffee making gear after my old espresso maker broke a couple of weeks ago. So say hello to my new morning buddies.
  11. Got home after work and found a Purolator tag on the door knob. Went and picked up my package (a shiny new auto inflating PFD from Cabelas). And the best part was the price $0!!! I won it in Cabelas Canada's FB contest. Much better than the $234 it would have cost if I had to pay for it.
  12. Looking to have some brickwork repaired in the Burlington area.
  13. I recently read a post where someone mentioned that they were doing some work on their property in Westree. Now I can't remember which post I read it in. I'm really curious to know who it was. We might be neighbours
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2623330/Is-Inter-Stellar-Assistance-Force-Mysterious-UFO-filmed-blitzing-Taliban-base-Afghanistan.html?ito=video_player_click Some light reading for your Sunday night!!
  15. Seems it's still pretty hard. So I managed to get out to my cabin property with another load of materials. Even my GPS knows I'm driving on ice. How does it know? The lake was in pretty good condition with only a couple of sketchy areas. For those of you you think Honda's are only good for taking the kids to soccer practice and picking up groceries, they are pretty capable with decent tires and the center locking differential engaged. She walked right up the rocks no problem.
  16. I am lookiing to get a few things done around the house. One job is a rather large job . So I find the appropriate bussinesses on the Internet and fill out the "contact us" section of their website for the quotes . All I get is someone will contact you soon and no one does. Hell not even the duct cleaners got back to me!
  17. Anyone notice an increase in plate tags this year? Just looked at mine. Car went from $75 - $90. Truck $135 - $197 Friggin' ridiculous.
  18. So Premier Wynne thinks it's a good idea to appoint her brother-in-law as the interim eHealth boss. When does it stop? Are these people living in the real world? What arrogance. They never cease to amaze me.
  19. Does anyone have any suggestions for a truck bed organizer, cargo bags or some other ideas to stop items from moving around? (Bottles of windshield washer fluid or grocery bags, small boxes, fishing gear etc...) I have looked at cargo nets and boxes and blocks online but haven't found a good source of anything local...........Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga. I know there are many truck owners on here that must have the same issue as me..
  20. Hi all. I am wondering if anybody has a good used shot gun for sale? I have my pal and hunter saftey course for abut 10 yrs now, and havent done anything with it. (Kids are older now) Not exactly sure what I want, but gonna start with skeet/trap shooting to get some practice in, and small game. (Rabbits) I would like to keep it $400 and under. Also I'm kinda considering the Stoeger M3500. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Colin
  21. Good morning all. Looking at spending 3 or 4 days and nights in May on LSC after opening of Walleye. If the ice is out. I have been a few times at a freinds on the US side. Near the Air Force base, like an air show everyday. Didn't fish from his Pete Fountain go fast boat, couldn't troll at 100 mph. Wow what a rig. Met his neighbour (drop name here) some guy named Kid Rock, the Kid, who I actually heard of, loves Walleye fishing and that's the main reason he bought there. We talked big Walleye from Erie and Bay of Quinte. Nice neighborhood to say the least. Not the Muskokas but it sure is a nice area where they live. There will be 3 or if we take the second boat 4 or 5 of us. Featherstone Ted has fished the lake but it's been a few years. And I have read here about spring success on the lake, thanks all. I'm looking for a camp, cabin or cottage that we can rent mid week in May. I will check the regs for opening, limits and slot sizes etc. I've stopped at the park under the Blue Water bridge to the US at Sarnia as well as the area on the Port Huron side. Cold beer and sliders go good after that ride in the fog on the 402. Both sides the water was crystal clear and smallies and Walleye could be seen meandering around the rip rap on both sides. So somewhere on the south end of lake might be good. I really want to fish that river but only got 1 vote. Doesn't really look like anything other than motels along the river in Sarnia. There have been a few shows showing them pull them out below the bridge. Is there a Casino in Sarnia or am I getting Windsor and Sarnia mixed up? They were hauling out them from in front of the casino. A very light colored pickerel. I don't see them encouraging frying fillets in the rooms in the casino. If you lose enough they'll let you cook anything in there, or win hoping to keep you for a few more days. Can anyone give me some links to cottage's or cabins somewhere on our side of the lake. Doesn't have to be a fancy place. Clean is always good. Has a BBQ and we are good to go. Thanks in advance all. Johnny D Selkirk ON.
  22. Since I was a little kid I have been taking detours past the Petro-Canada refinery just to see the deer and count how many I could see at once. The other day I counted 16 along a couple hundred foot fence line. Its so funny to be in the middle of the city, and see so many deer at once! This time of year you can't drive by without seeing a few, summer time they are hidden deeper in the refinery. Does anybody else here know about this? I'm curious about the population and if the MNR monitors them and if they ever remove any. I wish I had pictures, maybe I'll take some tomorrow.
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