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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am a newbie fisherman. I have gone fishing multiple times in the gta with no luck (5 times lol). I was wondering if there are any parks or spots that are (1) willing to be shown to me physically (2) anyone is willing to write here. I have been trying different locations and they do not seem that good. I understand that the GTA may not be the best place for fishing but as a young adult that does not have the most free time or money, I’m looking for options that are somewhat local and more accessible. I also understand that someone wouldn’t probably share their spots, but this is a shot in the dark. Thank you
  2. Once again I am reaching out to this great group of knowledge, as some may remember I am building a house in the Eugenia area and its time to finish my plumbing. As I have no knowledge of propane vs electricity water heaters I am looking for some feedback, I was surprised that propane tanks are special order at all stores, even the ones out side of the city, but also the fact that a propane one is about 3 times the cost. Does going with a propane unit justify itself in the long run? The basement in the house has been designed to be a rental property so it will have a separate water heater so the cost difference is quite large approximately 3 times per unit, which is a fair bit so any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, FLEX
  3. Once again I am turning to you folks who are always so helpful. I have not fished Simcoe in years, and I would love to get out for a day of fishing in Cooks Bay but as I said its been years since I have fished it and I would like to take my son out tomorrow to chase some Largemouth. Who still rents boats on Simcoe, in the Cooks bay area? Any suggestions would be great, as my son has taken the day off work to spend with the old man on his birthday. Thank you in advance, FLEX
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