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Found 8 results

  1. Well I thought I'd share something fresh out of the shop this morning. This rod will soon be heading to BC to battle Saltwater Steelies on the Skeena watershed. I honestly have not been grinding builds out of the shop for years now, just a handful each year and my friend has been patiently waiting over three years for me to get this one under construction. His desire was for me to use a beautiful piece of stabilized Juniper burl but it was not cooperating with me, it kept chipping out so I convinced him into going with a piece of Big Leaf Maple burl. He liked it very much, I hope y'all do as well. Happy Saturday Folks, time to wind guides.
  2. I'm headed to the James Bay lowlands for 11 days and once again will be catching lots and lots of walleye + pike. This year my goal is to find speckled trout nearby. Being a lowland area, specks are extremely hard to come by. All my threads asking for tips in locating these came up empty, and in fact most responses were along the lines of "good luck, there basically aren't any in that area". But I did see pictures of local Cree people capturing them, so they're in the area for sure. I went as far as reading a couple books on speckled trout just to understand their habits / habitats. I think I have a good grasp of where I'll find them, even in these lowlands. I have 5 lakes that I want to check. These candidates were selected based on several criteria, and with the help of some cool tools I found online. If I'm successful, would there be any interest in a how-to guide to locating these candidates? It was a pretty involved process, so there might be some value there for you guys.
  3. I just noticed something. 54 members and close to 300 guests on the site a few minutes ago. The more people here the better for marketing. I've noticed more details in a few ice reports. I might be off here, just sayin'.
  4. HAHAHA!!! Check out the video. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1051392258207738
  5. Turn up the speakers full blast ....best watched in the middle of the night http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b37_1385601353#Mr52scggT4QF9f1W.99
  6. After spending most of the past year working in either a stinky sweatbox of a pulp mill in Terrace Bay, with the occasional stint in Red Lake working at Goldcorps world class, but dirty and dusty gold mines, my boss informed me today where my next job will be. I was expecting the worst. I was elated when he told me that I'd be spending a couple of months at the new, world class Dorion fish hatchery. The facility is about 10 years old. It is home to a massive Nipigon strain Brook Trout rearing grounds that is used to stock Brook Trout across the province. I'm not sure just what else they raise in there, but I'm about to find out. How cool is that? Needless to say, I haven't stepped foot in the place yet, but when I do, and if I'm allowed, I plan on taking plenty of photos to show you guys just what goes on in there, and where your hard earned tax dollars go. I almost feel like I've won some sort of lottery here. To be working amongst Nipigon strain Brookies sounds just fine to me. Cant wait to get started.
  7. So, we have started planning my cousins bachelor party before his wedding and the guys decided they want to have it in Niagara towards the end of April. I figure the perfect icing on the cake would be to book a charter for my cousin, his brother and myself for either Lake Ontario or the Niagara River. Two things I've been having problems with. I checked the MNR website and I couldn't find a for sure answer, does the Niagara River count as zone 16 or zone 20? Secondly and more important, I'm having trouble finding charters out of the Ontario side. Lots in the states by my cousins brother doesn't have a passport so thats out of the question. Any help or reccomendations would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.
  8. So Ive had this conversation with a few people and seem to come up with different results? Question. Do you have to have insurance to run a sled on the ice? I say yes because lakes are generaly regarded as public property therfore it is no different than driving your car on a road? I have also talked to boaters that say they dont require insurance on a lake? I can understand sled trails require insurance. So back to the question. Do you have to have insurance to run a sled on the ice?
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