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  1. Great report Thanks for sharing. Gotta love the Ottawa. L.
  2. Great report! Thanks for taking the time to share it. Make the first coffee at work taste just a bit better. L.
  3. In the middle of June there is fishing festival on the QC side. There is a small stream right in the middle of Gatineau that they stock with trout, Le Ruisseau de Brassiere ( or some thing like that). These fish are usually around for a couple weeks after the festival and many people have been catching these trout recently. If you have a QC license its definitely worth a try as you don't have to travel very far. Take Booth street heading North and cross the river. hang a left at Laurier and then your first right on Montcalm. Just up from there on your left is a parking, the creek is right beside it. Good luck. L.
  4. Check this place out. tourneyshirts.com Hope this helps L.
  5. Gerritt I have ordered through Cabela's many time and never once have I been hit with any additional fees at the door. L.
  6. Hey all I was hoping for some feedback on this one. With the new little guy, all of a sudden the vehicle is packed a little tighter on road trips and the room that once existed to slide a rod or two is pretty much no more. I've been looking at some of the newer travel/pack rods as my thinking was it could be tucked away in a smaller space. Anyone have any recommedations as to what style is more durable the telescoping style or the 3-4 piece ones. Does anyone have any experiences with either? Thanks L
  7. Just wait. One month after you sign up Uncle Ted will send you a letter stating that cost have gone up blah blah blah, we are now charging you $1.50. I'm not kidding. L.
  8. I own one and can't say I've had any problems with it. It been rattled around in boats and in the truck and has a few battle scars but is still smooth as the day it came out of the box. L.
  9. Great Report and pics. What a great way to start the week. Thanks for sharing. L.
  10. Great pic. Thanks for sharing. I miss that river. Hell I miss the whole area. Getting back once a year just doesn't cut it. As previously mentioned have you had a chance to get out to the rapids? Great piece of water, but play safe. L.
  11. If you're after pinks, an all time favorite in the St. Mary's has been Pixies in green or pink. Cleos can also be effective. Stop by Western Automotive (its not far from the Holiday Inn but its on Queen St.) and talk to Orest. He'll set you up. He always has a pretty good selection and is always up to date with the fishing reports in the area. Have Fun! L.
  12. Great fish!! Thanks for sharing. L.
  13. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing. Make me miss my days up at L.U.
  14. I have caught St. Mary's steelies on roe ( both bottom bounced and under a float), inline spinners( vibrax, mepps), worms, spoons, flies, jigs, and flatfish. It all depends where you're fishing. If you're wading be careful, its can get pretty slick on the rocks. There are some good holes on the inside of the berm but as was previously mentioned, there is an abundance of good holes on the other side but its alot tougher to wade (bring a wading staff and at the very least some good felt soled wading shoes if not cleated as well) Good luck and be safe. L.
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