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  1. Just run your prop up into the sand, it will polish the prop in no time. And you will probably get a whole new motor out of the deal....
  2. he has been eating grape popsicles like my kids...LOL
  3. Tell the truth, you had that finder in Demo mode, LOL
  4. Wait till you get the Ass like I had out on Quinte. I did the same joke thing with him, dead flashlight in the safety container, when he started the lecture I pulled out my mini mag light from the console and smiled. He asked to see it and when I passed it to him he F'n dropped it in the water and with a smirk said, 'it dosent float, not good enough' I sat in disbelief as he once again started his lecture. Let me off with a warning and it wasn't till after I got home. Where does it say the flashlight has to float?!? At least no fine, glad I didn't show him my 4'D'mag light...
  5. I thought he said he bought a new truck. A CRV is a car, LOL
  6. What truck do you have that only hAS a 1500lb towing capacity? Or is it your hitch? Bumper hitches are 250lb tonge weight 1500 towing. Any way you put it, you will be well under 1000lbs, dont worry. I know a guy that hauls a 14' sea nymph with a 20, fully loaded with an Accord...
  7. Get yourself a Fenwick Eagle in UL or L, great rod for panfish, and only $62 Gagnons should have them, I see you are in the Shwa... The Ugly stick ultra light is like fishing with a wet spagetti noodle...
  8. 5 of diamonds spoon, white spinner bait, husky jerk in perch pattern. But here is the key, cast for them, and a fast presentation is usually better for those snot rockets. You are looking for a reaction strike out of the pike, so play keep away. Works for me anyways...
  9. Great fishery, lots of water to explore. Smallies, pike and carp are the main fish. Down toward the lake, you can get the odd spawning walleye and catfish, perch and crappie. Come in and see me, I have a map of the area I can give you Dan
  10. I could have all the lights off in the house and not use any electricity at all and I will still be paying $75 a month just for the privilege of being hooked up to hydro! Stupid delivery charges.. I burn 8 bush cord of wood a season and right now I have 1 face cord left(cutting it close, I know) We have propane hooked up to our furnace and are still on our first fill ($700) so we have done pretty good so far. But back to the hydo costs. $130-$150 a month. Dan
  11. Look at all that hair! And the look on his face. 'Did you just touch my fishing rod?!?' Congrats
  12. No bananas in my boat. Never start the day with a brand new lure, must be one that has caught a fish previously. Can be changed in five minutes, but first cast is always old faithful. Dan
  13. Heads up, its the whole weekend that a licence is not required, sat-mon. Have fun out there Dan
  14. I think he is referring to the $6 beers at the 'Ballet'...
  15. Thats some serious ink man, awesome job. I need more ink now, lol Dan
  16. I see you hail from Dufferin County, Ya know there is a guy in Orangeville..Wink Wink... Dan
  17. Looking at your picture I have the exact same truck. This summer I did my brakes for the first time since new and although I had the rims off 1 year previous I had to use a sledge hammer to take the tires off. Then the fun came, trying to remove the rotors. Well lets just say, a bunch of cursing and swearing, 3 busted knuckles and a real nice dent in the front quarter when a hammer slipped and we finally got it done. Needless to say there has been a liberal coating of that silver wonder on anything that needs to be removed in the future. Dan
  18. Good luck, it can be tough. And be prepared to have no spare time at all. Your fishing adventures will be the ones your customers share with you, LOL. I am 4 years into my adventure and I will tell you customer service is much more important than cheaper prices. 90% of my stock is cheaper than BP or CTC and all the big box stores but customers are always under the impression that because I am a 'mom and pop' shop that i am more expensive. They come in because I truly care about people, treat it the same and you will do well. Good luck Dan
  19. Great read Chris, not all successful hunts end with a harvest. The memories will last longer than any steaks would. Dan
  20. Our Chocolate 'Daisy' is still under a year, but she is blowing us away with her drive. Trained a bunch with her this summer, and she is really starting to shine, 12 retrieves yesterday on the pond and still itchin to go.. Can you tell I'm a proud poppa.. Dan
  21. Love the ink, I have a bunch myself. I was always told to be able to cover with a T-shirt for the business world, and a suit for the retail/services world. Trades, have at it, but think of the future. I used to be in the trades but wanted the option. I am now a business owner glad I didn't go full sleeve (cause I hate wearing suits, LOL). But I agree with others, seem the only real stigma left is face, neck and hand Tats. Dan
  22. Old Ironmaker, Yup its early season, and it is designed or intended to lower the #'s of resident birds, ones that do not migrate. Limit in most areas is 10 per day per person for 10 days. If you have property where they are feeding, you will have no problem finding people to come help ya out. Just wish I wasn't 2 hrs away from you.
  23. JMO leave your mainline mono because it floats, flouro below the swivel only. I know guys that run braid or Nano for their mainline but they float also, flouro does not.
  24. It may blow it out, but it will clear up quickly, depending on how much water they let out of the Shan Dam at Belwood. Lots of good browns in there to keep ya busy.
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