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  1. was just at wallmart they have green and white in ten to 40 for 18 99
  2. post-884-131238553577.jpg
    Heres a bucktail for yal to check out just finished it for a customer.. Sorry for the poor quality pic it will get larger if u click just a bit pixelled
  3. post-884-131168545973.jpg
    This got enough blades for ya I shud have added something to show size of the first bait that last blade is about a size 12/14 thats why there is only two on the bait
  4. the weights behind the tail bud thats why u cant see it.. there is an oz n a half bell sinker infront of the hook>>>
  5. post-884-131152848755.jpg
    hey guys check this out been fiddling with custom spinner baits and heres what i have came up with so far.. "musky sized of course
  6. Thanks all This one wont hit the water because of its purpose but i will surely build another... Thats awesome that you like the colors i just went with what i felt looked good lol.. I wasn't going for a specific pattern when i tied this one just eye catching was all i wanted..
  7. post-884-131091957206.jpg
    Just finished this one what do you all think? The Blades are over sized because the bait was made for a good friend of mine as a memorial not to be fished but i'm sure it would catch Thanks for letting me show off hehe have a great day all!
  8. post-884-131021587326.jpg
    There is a picture of one of my baits bellow if you wish to see and hear more about what i can build for you contact me. Great prices on multiple baits, actual prices will be figured based on supplies used in the building of a bait and worked out before deal has been made with customer. Feel free to message me with any questions and wants if i don't have the colors you wish for or the blade style you want i will find them! Pm me with any questions or email at [email protected]
  9. Sure can I have it all in stock hehe
  10. post-884-130932340689.jpg
    hey all been making a lot of baits lately and i guess u could say i wanna show off, here is a bait i made tonight.. What does everyone think? IT weighs in at around 2.5oz i put a toonie in the pic to give u an idea of size.. thats a 6/0 salt water hook and those are heavy duty "extra" thick blades not positive on exact size.. Black and red maribou with bucktail at each end for neatness... Thanks all Curtis...
  11. I think one of the biggest things they nail hunters with well using the robotic moose is shooting out the window of there truck or shooting off a rd way...
  12. Yea i wouldn't be to sure about bigger water i have about a 100acre lake behind my house and she is frozen enough to fish. although u wont see me venturing across it anytime soon just to the edges where i fish. I tend to drill a lot of holes as i walk out to my spot just for safety, you can never be to safe on the ice..
  13. He isn't kidding about them coming up through the hole I have never seen it happen but have been told stories by numours anglers while ice fishing
  14. I wouldn't think it would be much more than three or four inches. I live close by and my private lake has about five inches I plan on heading out on her today
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