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  1. I'm new here so I'll call this my virgin psot.. but I have to say something here. First off its brave of you to admit such a thing. I was addicted to gambling in my 30s and had a real problem with that. I did what you are attempting and quit cold turkey. whenever I was around my wife and kids I would get annyed and want to get back to the card games. Addicting is the problem not fishing. There are plenty of support groups for this too which I highly recommend. Dont sell your boat if the family likes boating, but if its going to be a problem for you in the meantime its probably a good idea. Once you are away from fishing for a season you can focus on the addiction. If you have a handle on it (find your not obsessed with it) you can go back to putting the time limits on yourself! You know fish with a buddy who you know wont keep you out and also understands your problem. In the meantime you are doing the right thing remember fix your addiction first then reward yourself with the fishing later. Good luck man! Paul
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