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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a 12' wide transom sportspal. I like to use a 2hp gas motor to get where I want to fish and then I like to troll with an electric. I have a 14' square stern sportspal (not wide transom) so I use a motor mount for the electric off to the side and have the gas on the back. The motor mount is too short for the wide transom so has anyone fit an electric AND gas on the back of a 12' wide transom sporstpal at the same time?
  2. A friend's daughter is moving to Hearst for work. She'd like to try fishing while she's up there. Are there any lakes anyone could recommend that she could get to in 2 wheel drive car? Not really looking for lunkers, but a lake that has lots of small bass or pike would be great. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I'm from South Western Ontario, I'm a brook trout maniac. My home water is the Upper Credit River. I've been fly fishing for 40 years and still can't get enough of it. Currently on vacation in Batchawana bay and have only caught two trout in a week! Need suggestions please! Nice sunny weather though so I'm not complaining!
  4. I'm up here on Vacation near Batchawana Bay for two weeks looking for brook trout. So far I've caught two trout in one week. I've fished the Agawa under the bridge, Kenny Lake, Goulais Falls on Whitman Dam Road, Lower Tilley and a beautiful spring fed lake on Gargantua and Speckled Trout Creek. I have a canoe, trolling motor for outside the park, and fly and spin gear. I've tried Mepps with worm, rapala, little cleo, crocodile, panther martin, hook and worm, egg sucking leech, muddler, hopper, streamers. I've tried casting, trolling with the motor outside the park, trolling with oars inside the park, still fishing, shore fishing, fly fishing from the canoe. So I really have been trying! Does anyone have a suggestion of a place I should try for brookies at this time of year that I can access fairly easily inside or outside the park? I have a two wheel drive pickup so most back roads are OK. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a Shappell DX3000 Ice Shelter in Southern Ontario? Bass Pro doesn't carry this model.
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