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  1. Whenever I get a notice that Sail is having a sale I go to their site only to find that almost all sale items are not available at my location (Etobicoke) and they will not transfer from a store that has what I'm looking for. Very frustrating.
  2. I find that a lot of the stuff on sale is almost always out of stock. This place is very frustrating. I have gone there to purchase an item that says it is in stock only to get there and sure enough "sorry it's out of stock" but your website says it's in stock "don't go by that" I'm told. Apparently, their website gets updated once a month. lucky I only live 5 min. away
  3. thanks for the report. I have a cottage on Kash and I agree with you that the Musky has been a challenge. I'm getting ready to spend 24 days up there starting next week and plan on targeting them a bit more than I normally do. I have got 2 this year on a Senko wacky rigged fishing for bass talk about being surprised. Both times I thought I had world record Bass hooked. Maybe that's the secret, target Bass and catch Musky.
  4. The shaft on my electric trolling motor is sticking when trying to deplore/stow does anyone here have the same problem and if so what do you use to rectify the problem. Thanks
  5. according to their website Sail is not stocking the 2017 models yet
  6. that's funny...only guessing what Province that was shot in
  7. Yup, I'm on a 5 chain lake in Haliburton and all 5 have them.
  8. can't wait! will be there for 10 days starting the first week of October
  9. Brandy's Island Marina fits your bill. Check their website
  10. nice looking Bass had a cottage in Honey Harbour years ago. I miss fishing GB
  11. wtg Pete, maybe I should sell all my gear and pick-up a Spiderman combo like Tyler's
  12. ha ha just last week my Sister does all the cooking my Mom and Baba use to do. I made sure she learnt all the recipes
  13. Jamaican Oxtails over a bed of rice....and anything Ukrainian
  14. Sail has the worst web page ever really Mickey Mouse very little product info
  15. ok, here's the problem i winterized my boat had it shrink wrapped and forgot to do my pumps. i have access to the bilge inspection cover. Would pouring antifreeze in the bilge to the point of covering the pump do me any good?
  16. a friend of mine who is a Yamaha Tech says it is not normal It is something that happens to a 4 stroke motor running too cold, over propped, or trolling(low RPM operation) too much. Or a bad fuel pump could cause it too
  17. Kashagawigamog...first i have to replace a 42' deck with new lumber but will find time to fish. my wife is staying home so what she don't know will not hurt.
  18. has not set their status

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