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    Ummm, fishing? LOL... Bass, pike and walleye mostly.
    I love Camping with wifey and my puppies! It's the best!!!
  1. Ever fish whitefish on simcoe? My boat it ready for the water; I'm hoping I can get someone to come out with me to show me how it's done.



  2. I better get the magnifying glass out tonight and read the Zoning Reg's! Sheeeeesh!!! These guys are like a pack of wild dogs eh? LOL

  3. Are they closed in upper and lower Niagara as well, or are they fair game all year round?!!!!!! I know the answer to that, so don't bother replying...just ask yourself before shooting you mouths off....OMG you guys are something else. Remember when you're pointing your finger, there are three more pointing back at you....and hey, it's a nice day out, so I'm sure you can go clean the crap up in your own backyard!
  4. And yes, this date never happened, seeing my bait guy pointed out the restrictions in Caledonia...again, I am aware of them and don't take them lightly!!!!!!!!I was mistaken with my date and hey, that happens, doesn't it? I am human. I clearly stated what I had thought was closing date for walleye in Caledonia as well. Did you think to message me at the time of this post to correct me? Were YOU one of the 149 viewers of that post and didn't reply to it like the other 148? Give me a break!!!!! How many of you guys that are busting my balls are retired? LOL
  5. Way to go buddy. Don't take that shiiit. Especially from a Mod.

  6. Ok Mr. Reg's, if you know the area so well, then you know where that big log crosses the concrete footpath at the shoreline, right? I was fishing the far side of that and I don't know about you, but I've been in the construction business most of my life and know how to eyeball a measurement and I'm PRETTY sure I'm 75' from the dam!!! But why don't you go prove me wrong and get yourself a big steel tape, get your bass down there and measure it up for me....seeing you don't have much else to do. maybe getting off your computer and gettin' out for some fresh air might do you some good!!! Lemme know how it goes for ya! Oh yeah, I know the reg's too, big fella! Just sayin'
  7. On the contrary kwikfish, the bait shop in Caledonia will guide you to the zone 16 reg's and restrictions in certain areas, not that I have ever stepped foot in that shop, but MY bait guy guides me and informs me of everything at Bill's(Plug). Do I look new? I know my limit and stay within it it! I can't believe I am actually defending myself here! But hey, just sayin'
  8. Well better luck next time!!! And TY!!!
  9. Plus, did none of you wise guys take the time to read the comment before you jumped all over the location of the pics?!!! I don't know, but where I come from, a good, "Congrats, good for you!" goes a long way in my books. So tell me something.......If I won the lottery and posted it on here, would I be a prick, because you figure that ticket should have been yours, or would you say, "Good for you, 'A to go BBM!"? To judge is to be judged! My mamma always said, " keep your mouth closed and be thought of as a fool, ot open your mouth and remove all doubt." Something some of you guys might wanna apply to your daily living!!!
  10. BTW.... the stringer pic is in Delaware ON, taken March 2. Season didn't close til March 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I need to explain myself. Do you guys have nothing better to do, but ruin a good HONEST story! Are YOU for real?!!! quote name='Bigworm' date='19 March 2012 - 08:06 AM' timestamp='1332158760' post='677469'] ARE YOU FOR REAL!!!!!!!!! CALEDONIA IS A FISH SANCTUARY FOR WALLEYE RIGHT NOW! NICE STRINGER PICTURE! Grand River and its tributaries - downstream of the Onondaga and Tuscarora Twps. line to Lake Erie. Walleye and Northern pike open from Jan. 1 - last day in Feb. & 2nd Sat. in May - Dec. 31.
  11. WOW, is right!!!! Awful nice of you guys to automatically assume that I might be dumb enough to pull out what is NOT in season! But like most fishermen, they like telling a good story....or for your guy's sake, bashing me and making a story out of it! Thanks for your support!!! This site is a joke and it's guys like you that make it that way!!! A bunch of computer tough guys!!! Baaaaaahahaha!!! Fish on!!!
  12. Done for the season, yet I can't wait 'til May 12th, for the walleye opening again! I've had a great couple of weeks finishing the season off! Now how the heck can I upload and album of my photo report? There's gotta be an easier way than one at a time, up to 250K, right? Someone please help me out here! TY in advance!
  13. Rod? check. Tackle? check. Net? check. Hip waders? check. Now show me where the damn fish are!!!

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