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  1. That's great man!! Special time with your daughter! Have a 3 year old and can't wait!. Again....that's awesome!
  2. Own two of them and do a great job. im a bigger guy so it's really a personal hut
  3. Well haze nothing's ever a guarantee. Let's not complain about the nfn netting or fish stocks if we're going to continue to support them by buying the netted fish. AND it's medicinal!!! Without it I could get even sicker! Lol.
  4. Love my annual trip to nip, been going for the last 10 yrs for a week with an outfitter. Yes the fishing has declined over the last 5 yrs that I have noticed. Many of you probably can say been longer than that, BUT last years walleye fishing was much better imo, no doubt due to stricter regulations. Not a lot of keepers but good sized fish that will be even better this year. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't closing walleye on rice lake for a few yrs work for the fishery? Seems like rice is doing a lot better these days. Is this an issue because nfn is requesting this? I love nip and am looking forward to my January trip and I do feel for those who make a living from the industry, but I won't be totally upset if I have to head some place else this winter.
  5. I tend to stay away from these conversations! I firmly believe there are good and bad in all occupations. It's too bad actions of some cause an entire profession to be called out.
  6. I have a volcano vaporizer. "Highly" recommend it!!
  7. Ok so just spoke with the lady from algonquins help desk. Told her we have reservations for May 4 and she told me that we should be good to go. Said that the park hopes to open may 4. From what I gathered from the talk it's different depending on what access point you start from. East side is at a lower elevation, therefore, a bit ahead of the west side which is "still stuck in winter".
  8. Hey guys, just got off the phone with Ontario parks and I was told as of the last email they received from the park it will be opening this weekend. She suggested to call the park directly to verify this but they haven't heard anything of a May 6 opening. Have fingers crossed she's correct, we go in May 4.
  9. Well said. Not enough quality shots. Guess we're used to being one of if not the top teams. Not this year I'm afraid. Oh well, the Finns are solid so Saturday morning could get ugly!
  10. Nice report! Can't wait to do that with my little girl:).
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