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  1. 1) Little Cleo She was a hootchie-kootchie girl who for 43 years had her dancer's image stamped on the back of a fishing lure. A New York City songwriter named Charlie Clark saw Little Cleo perform during the 1930s; when he developed this popular spoon with its wiggling, dancing action in 1953, she became its namesake. In 1996 a female employee of a major retailer took offense at the dancer's image on the lure, and for the sake of newfound political correctness, the image was removed by Acme Tackle of Rhode Island, the current manufacturer. Little Cleo spoons are thick in proportion to their surface area, so they fish relatively deep. This makes them a favorite trout spoon, but in sizes ranging from 1/16 to 11/4 ounce, they're suitable for everything from panfish to steelhead and stripers.
  2. The pond on the south east side is known as lockheart. Fished there many times. I have a trailer @ park haven, it is a private lake with no public access .
  3. Always nice to see a comeback like this. Cant say ive ever fished from a ladder tho . http://nyti.ms/11LTCKx
  4. Signed. Mr. Harper can take a long walk off a short dock as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Mine came in the mail today. Haven't had a chance to get into it yet. Still not sold on outdoor Canada, think ill go back to ontario outdoors.
  6. I have some tech questions about this unit. Wondering if anyone out their has one. Tech support is closed so thought I'd try you guys. I bought this unit @ bass pro in Michigan bout 2 weeks ago. Finally getting some time to play with it. My problem is that I have no info on the map screen for Canada,no cities,no roads nadda. USA side of map is fine with all info that suppose to be there.(unimap). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. John
  7. Well said Twocoda. Sooo much I would like to say, but I will take the high road on this one.
  8. 14 Days eh, ha ha. If only I hadn't taken the Xmas holidays off I could be 1/2 way there. Lol. Good luck with the fix.
  9. Blizz- you have got yourself between a rock and a hard place couple thing you can do- shim the toilet up,which will leave an unsightly gap between the floor and the bottom of the toilet or rip out the flange and pipe below and lower it down. You are a little bit out of my travel area so offering my help in person is outta the question. Lol The rubber seals won't help either. You won't be able to tighten the nuts down enough to make the toilet solid. You will probably cracks the bowl first.
  10. Story on the state of the great Lakes. Doesn't look to goodhttp://www.woodstocksentinelreview.com/2012/12/19/great-lakes-stressed-out
  12. There's a storm a brewing . Let's keep this civil .
  13. The hunter that was shot did have permission to hunt that area from the land owner. I have never had any issues on the reserve,have never felt that my life was in danger. Hunting accidents happen every year. Regardless of were it happens it is a terrible tragedy.
  14. Pretty sure that lakes all fished out, come to think of it I think it dried up with all this hot weather we have been getting. Lol Hidden cove cottage resort. 2040 Hartsmere Road RR1 McArthurs Mills, Ontario (613) 474-3284 This one's at the north end of the lake. I will be in that neck of the woods this weekend.
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