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  1. Looking for a left handed baitcast reel for casting jerkbaits and crankbaits. Also looking for a Heavy action casting rod closer to 8' Im interested in a quality reel. I dont want an entry level reel. In my research I have been looking at Daiwa Lexa 300's, Chronarch, Curado, Revos. Let me know if you looking to part with a reel or rod. Located in central GTA, i drive through Barrie and Midland on most weekends. Thank you
  2. I just bought a new Crestliner Commnader 1850, only had it out twice so far but all is good. Great performance with 150hp, I maxed out. looks like a very well put together boat inside and out, lots of options. only downside was that it came with a Mercury. Not my first choice as ive always had Yamaha but Yamaha was a lot more money and I doubt mercury makes motors to break down so ill try trusting them. Added a Yamaha kicker though.
  3. Heading up early August, never fished the waters around the island, never even been to the island. I'll mainly be targeting Salmon and trout but would like to try for walleye, pike and muskie as well. Looking for ports or locations to stay out of and where we can access water for salmon and trout but also try for other species. Where are the best locations for early August fishing? I have an 18' Princecraft and I'm ok with fishing rough water or covering long distances if need be. thank you
  4. Thanks for the many responses, I'm pretty familiar with big water boating and trolling. I run a 16' Alaskan in the big stuff. I'm just looking for something bigger in every dimension and something that can provide a bit more comfort in all conditions. After doing quite a bit of research, buying an older boat has left me with many hesitations. Leaks, cracks, transom rotting etc. i may have to spend some time and expand my search and find something newer. Been looking at the princecraft Super pros.
  5. In the market for a boat. Simply put i cant afford a new boat and likely wont in the near future. id like to upgrade from my current 16' Lund. I mainly troll big water for trout and salmon. Considering the option of buying an older Aluminum like late 90's or early 2000's, upgrading to a newer four stroke and doing some interior work. Would anyone recommend this? The benefit of buying a newer boat is that id likely be getting a hull design that handles big water with ease, trolls well and is stable at all speeds, no leaks in the hull and the confidence of buying something new. With an older hull design I feel I might not be getting the quality ride and quality as I would with a new hull design. All this being said I'm more concerned about the ride quality, I want something that can handle rougher water, is stable at all speeds especially trolling and doesn't get pushed around by the wind. Full windshield and high gunnels is a must. I don't have much experience with older aluminum boats but what boat manufacturer would you guys recommend based on what I described. thank you
  6. I am one of the first mates aboard Salmon Express out of Port Credit. Last summer was a tough go anywhere along the north shore because the fish never made it to our end of the lake in the numbers we are all used to. we can attribute that to the cold winters and late spring. who knows what this year will be like. Rainbows were on fire as were the coho but we often had to work for fish and develop a pattern. I wont try and sway you to go with us, just saying we are professional and try to give the customer the best experience possible. that being said Squaretail offers a top notch service and Ed is a real character, tell him "the teacher" sent you. I like afternoons but depends on the time of year, i find we hook up with more kings in the morning and a mixed bag in the afternoon. Blue zone runs are always fun too, usually a little later in the summer. Quantity over size out there but you never know, plenty of derby winners caught in the deep. good luck with your search. pm me if you need any additional info.
  7. Since we are going ice fishing we need some gear. We went last year with a smaller group of kids and the outfitter gave us a few rods that were too heavy for perch an a bunch of tip ups that left us with more tangles than we could handle. As for other equipment anything that could be used for pond fishing. I can pick stuff up around the GTA and central ontario but if you live outside that area, you can send to pir school. I will pm people with an address. Thanks again. We are hoping to keep this equipment for years to come
  8. I've started an outdoors club at the highschool I teach at. We plan to do some environmental work such as tree planting and garbage clean up in the spring around local rivers. What we would also like to do is take our students ice fishing on simcoe and pond fishing in the spring. Most if our students have never been north of the 401. I think this would be a great experience for all of them and may introduce them to a new hobby or activity that they wouldn't normally get to experience. Funding is as always an issue. We fundraise at school to raise money to offset the cost of the trip but in the end what we need the most is equipment. If any of the board members have any used fishing equipment, no matter the age or condition we would gladly take it off your hands and be more than willing to personally pick it up. Our school is located in toronto. I live in toronto but frequent simcoe and GBay on weekends. Thank you in advance! Kris
  9. I was up a few weeks ago, store was closed windows had paper all over them, couldnt see inside. Did Brian close up shop for good, out of business?? Anyone know if he moved to a new location? thanks
  10. I actually have a day off tomorrow, never get a weekday. Would like to venture on simcoe for lakers and whities either bp or out of oro. With conditions the way they are I would rather partner up with someone to be safe instead of going alone. Anyone interested in meeting up around 7am to about noon or so? Pm me if interested. Thanks
  11. Your right bill, the lexus 470 or 450 small lift with some 33's would be sweet. My fiancee does not see my vision! Back to reality, im leaning more and more towards the 4Runner. Without taking the step up in truck size or buying a pickup it is the biggest model in its class. Much larger than my 2 door blazer. test drove an xterra last night, very cramped inside not for us big people, although i do like the rugged exterior. The 4runner is pricey in canada. Im getting quotes for 44 plus tax where as stateside im getting quotes for 33 plus tax for the same model. Even with all these extra fees, buying in the states may be the best option!
  12. After test driving a few vehicles this weekend, studying the specs, reading reviews online, i came to the conclusion that a big SUV or truck does suit my growing family and my lifestyle such as an F150 or Tahoe. However one obstacle stands in the way; the fact that these are all as bad on gas or worse than my current vehicle which was something that i wanted to improve on. The F150 does seem like a good choice but there are too many bad reviews on the ecoboost most people call it the ecoBUST, the V8 is a guzzler and the V6 does not come in the supercrew option. Other pickups on the market are likely just as bad or worse on gas than the F150. Size is a factor for me, i need ample storage space and the ability to tow an 18' lund, the only reasonable choice right now is the Toyota 4Runner. It's as close to a tahoe or f150 as i can get and still have ample space, comfort, reliability for the whole family. The cross over market is not for me and it seems as though the explorer is heading in that direction based on consumer demand. Thanks for the help OFC! I appreciate all the opinions. I have not purchased the toyota yet so my mind is not completely made up. i enjoy the search for a new vehicle and enjoy reading everyones thoughts and opinions, so feel free to keep them coming, for all i know i could be wrong in my choice but will continue to do my research. thanks again k
  13. Just got back from the Ford dealer, i like the F150!! I'm interested in the supercrew but dealer told me the 3.7 V6 is not offered in it, only the Eco-boost or the V8 is offered in the supercrew. Need to do some further research on the ecoboost. But the deals they have are really nice on new trucks.
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