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  1. As Wayne said it's cyclical but weather patterns have changed over the last bunch of years as well. To those who were whining one way and are now whining back the other way? Take their cottages from them , revoke their cottage ownership cards and rent the units out to someone that will enjoy the respite they offer , then send the former owners a cheque every month until they're paid in full. Some people are never happy i guess .
  2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even when it's wrong. And he is here
  3. There's a lake just South of where we are in Arden that has both decent numbers and size and I think I might finally give it a go. Long way off but the Mon Tues forecast looks cherry
  4. Important to remember we've never really had to deal with anything this life altering. Be as polite and as cordial as possible in educating the idiots among us as they just don't know any better. And if you need a target of blame, look to the East at the Chinese govt and no further. They're the only reason we're in this predicament.
  5. When a seconds quick picture or measurement of a an OOS fish is against the law while other real and concerning practices are allowed and deemed legal ( Multiple Tourneys & Non Regulated Native Fish harvest) it turns into whatever it turns into.
  6. Exactly. That goes for the wknd warriors (there are many) ferrying around a stuffed livewell for 6-8 hrs so they can take the wannabe Big Man Tourney Pro pics holding a stringer of fish at the end of the day also has to stop.
  7. That's honourable and respectable. Ever skirted taxes by paying cash or lied on a income tax form, taken more than one when it says please take one, Jay walked , parked illegally? I'd like to see the whole Tournament fishing industry BANNED. That what I truly have a problem with. Simply because it follows regulations doesn't make it right. I'll take my measurements and pictures thank you.
  8. I have used 2" PVC pipe and stood them up in the seat bases then cut a notch into the PVC to accommodate a 1x4 orn1x6 to run the length of the boat. I then cut other 1x6 pieces to form a truss type canopy and then drape the cover or tarps over top.
  9. No pictures? Is that in the regs? Nice fish is gonna hit the ruler at the very least. A really nice fish will be released immediately after the shutter click .
  10. Some nice rigs gentlemen. Always had a thing for the big deep Starcrafts. This is my tin can. 2004 Crestliner 1600 Angler, 70hp Johnson. Lots of hours and miles on her but the last 3 years have seen her settle into being a cottage boat.
  11. Have a nephew that smells like this guy. Especially when nervous. It's glandular
  12. Glad you're alright. I went for a Simcoe swim as a teen 30+ years ago in gear that should have sunk me like an anchor. To this day the only thing I can think of that allowed me to live another day was adrenaline. Although I still get out on the ice it's with caution leading the way and I always wear a float suit of some sort. Purchased a couple of Fladen one piece(available in a 2 PC) suits years ago. Ordered them from a website in the UK. Each suit was 75 British pounds and shipping was whatever but the final cost per suit was approx $240 Canadian. These suits are used for work on the high seas . They're lightweight, offer a full range of motion and reasonably warm. Good value for money . Still have the suit but have moved on to a Promax snowmobile suit with floatation. A set of coat and bibs will run you about $500 but along with the safety aspect of floatation they are designed for riding and therefore offer all the cold weather benefits as well.
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