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  1. The road to the cup might not have been easier than this year. Something for leaf fams to chew during the 52nd summer of discontent. It could be them cheering for their team reaching the final. Where are those one dimensional, fair weather, so called hockey fans?
  2. Wow! To a man, from the net out, the drive and determination is palpable. The flow and pace from both teams is insane.
  3. I doubt it would help . Carolinas on the same type of run Vegas was on last year. Thats just the will to win. Bet leaf fans wish their team had some of that.
  4. Carolina / Islanders . Shame someone had to lose that game tonight. Leafs and their fans can only wish to ice that kind of game. Wow!
  5. Maybe he just isnt built that way and thats really too bad for them cause i see more than a few players of all talent levels doing everything to win . This team is full of passengers. Just like their (non- hockey fans) . Went dark in a hurry as predicted.
  6. Watching the Jackets play i doubt the leafs would've been able to withstand the punishment alone. Theyre gonna need more than just a couple of defencemen and Doobass is the wrong guy job the job cause intangibles dont chart on a graph.
  7. You cannot hang this on him. He did more than enough for them to win the series. 1 goal ?
  8. https://images.app.goo.gl/hEeXGNQZPma5paSa6
  9. Anytime Chris. Take care now.
  10. Mediocrity strikes again. At least the Stanley Cup is sitting in the Hall of Fame if any leaf fans or players wanna have a look at it this summer.
  11. Gardiner is having a beau........ ill wait till its done.
  12. Losing this one will be a bitter pill to swallow considering it was there for the taking. If Boston takes the series it wont be because the better team won. It will be because the leafs lost it.
  13. Theres nothing more intense than Desperation. Should be fun to watch.
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