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  1. Ifs and buts were candy and nuts. No defence, no Cups. But leafers can dream i guess.
  2. Ill preface my comments by pointing out i rarely catch and keep and ethically follow rules set out by authorities entrusted to manage our resources. That said, We fished them last wknd and will be fishing them this wknd as well and as such time as dates and rules change, we'll keep fishing them in the future. Ethical? Yup.
  3. St Louis was full value tonight. How does a leaf player win a stanley cup? Become an ex-leaf . Steen, Bozak, Gunnerson..... even Berube. Cause it aint ever gonna happen if you play for them.
  4. The OGs know its a tough gig.
  5. Ballers might not be as tough as hockey players but playoff ball can get pretty rough. And they play in their underwear unlike hockey players.
  6. Ya it is but man are they deep.
  7. Kinda like Leaf fans planning a parade when their 5 decade Maple Chokes do well during exhibition? Yup only had to win 1 of 2 games and one was at home. Choke-A-rific !!!
  8. Proof trolling or emotion, passion, whatever aren't triggers. Character flaw? Hmmmm.
  9. Opportunity missed? Only had to win 1 of 2 games and Blew it. They wont win before they have to re sign 'The Core'. Can barely afford to do it now. Theyre soft and soft dont win squat.
  10. Most, most , most, Not all.i will agree about the withdrawl especially considering how great the hockey has been along with all the story lines along the way. Rarely a dull moment for sure.
  11. Thats what most leaf fans are. Teams out they go dark. Nothing to say about the game cause they dont know anything about the game other than theor team plays it. . Call it what you will.
  12. Ive said it before. Most leaf fans are not hockey fans. Simple enough for ya?
  13. The road to the cup might not have been easier than this year. Something for leaf fams to chew during the 52nd summer of discontent. It could be them cheering for their team reaching the final. Where are those one dimensional, fair weather, so called hockey fans?
  14. Wow! To a man, from the net out, the drive and determination is palpable. The flow and pace from both teams is insane.
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