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  1. http://www.tackletour.com/previewshimanocurado70.html The TT review mentions filling around 70yds of 14lb fluoro. The will prob also depend what line you use since each manufacuturer varies their line diameter.
  2. My wife and I both signed up to the PC Financial Master Card. 20,000 pts can redeem $20 in groceries. We charge all our purchases with the card and we've redeemed so many points. Who doesn't like free groceries? Easily, the best loyalty card out there for us. Made us wonder why we still have an Air Miles rewards card when it takes years just to redeem 1 ticket. lol.
  3. Lived there for 3 years and I miss the place everyday! You could try AirBnB. Certainly cheaper than a hotel and it feels like your home away from home. Try to figure out what part of the city you want to stay at. There are some sketchy parts, but at the same time, $700k homes also exist in those same areas. I lived in Verdun during the time I was there and it was very convenient to the DT core (15mins), close to the Metro, right by the St Lawrence (great small mouth fishing), close to the airport (15mins), and it's a very popular family borough. Food wise, there are plenty. Really depends on what you want to eat. Old Port has some great fancy eateries, St Henri has some really comfort food, Verdun has some specials, and Plateau is another hot spot. Regarding smoked meat, many people enjoy Schwartz and visitors always make a visit there. If you don't want to spend the time waiting, across the street is a place called Mains with no lineup and just as good! Lester's is another good classic joint, but my favourite was Smoke Meat Pete in L'île Perrot. Hey have nightly blues bands playing that adds to the entertainment. Poutine is another popular thing that only the Quebeckers can do right! Fresh, squeaky cheese curds is a must, that someone other people that try to emulate it can't understand. La Banquise is a popular spot that's open 24/7. Places like Joe Beef, Au Pied de Cochon, Tuck Shop, are all in their prime and highly recommend you book 2 weeks in advance. I seriously can go on and on regarding the food! I can give you a weekend list of spots to eat that will guarantee you a 2lb weight gain! Lol.
  4. You guys are still not addressing the fact that Edwin was looking for an offer before the start of 2016, where Jays management offered EE a 2 year deal. Does that sound like the team wants to keep you around? And at the end of 2016, they gave him a $17.2mil qualifying offer. Does that sound like the team wants to keep you? Jays management wouldn't be playing these games if they had 100% commitment having EE return. Rogers/Shapiro/Atkins were the new guys to the club and if they had any sense, would have fully realized the value that EE brings to the team. But no...they want to use their "metrics" to establish the quality of a player. Pearce and Morales do not equate to EE. Again, if Jays management were completely serious keeping EE around, why wasn't the $80 mil 4 year deal pitched before the start of 2016, instead of waiting till the last minute? At that moment, it wouldn't have mattered what Jays management would have offered, the intent from them was never there to begin with. Rogers/Shapiro/Atkins were given a championship calibre team and looking at the team now, they've regressed instead of progressed. Playing games is what Jays management having been doing. EE stated way back before 2016 that he wanted to sign with the Jays, wanted to end his career as a Jays...What the Jays management did was exactly that...play games. I'll give credit where credit is due...Happ and Estrada turned out to be great and without a doubt, the starting pitching was more than terrific.
  5. Oh I totally agree with you that hindsight is 20/20 and yes, this could have been avoided if they had taken care of this before the start of the 2016 season. I was under the impression that players are rewarded for their performance. Edwin has performed, without a doubt, so pay him for what he's worth. You can't take into consideration of what may or may not happen in the future, because time and time again, through the previous completed contract, EE has put up huge numbers and was a huge part in the Jays offence. The Jays "tried" to offer him a 2-year deal to him before the start of the 2016 season...That really is an insult because the Jays offered Smoak a two year $8.3 million contract, which in my opinion was not a smart move (made the Rangers record of 5 strikeouts in one game lol). There's no comparison between EE and Smoak...you don't offer an all-star player a 2 year contract. When the Jays offered the $80 mil 4 year deal to EE after the fact, it was just to cover their own butts to give the appearance that "oh we tried...". I simply don't buy it. Why didn't they come out and offer that prior to the 2016 season and we could have avoided all of this? There just doesn't seem to be any sincerity from the Jays management to sign players who produce, instead they rely on their "stats" to make their decisions. Signing Morales and Pearce doesn't come close to a player like EE. You'd have to have Morales and Pearce playing at the same time to equate the offensive numbers of EE. lol Through this debacle with EE, I've seen no sincerity from Jays management that they wanted to keep him, aside from the smoke & mirrors $80mil 4 yr offer, that included a short deadline.
  6. Rogers & Co. never really had intentions to have EE back. Again, this could have been avoided before the start of the 2016 season. Does giving a short deadline to a star player sound like the team wants you back? Instead, they sign Morales and Pearce. Such a shame. EE wanted to come back, told Rogers & Co., to work up a deal before the beginning of 2016. Rumours were going around that EE wanted to come back for less money and Rogers turned it down. EE taking Cleveland's offer further cements the fact that it wasn't always about the money.
  7. Rogers & Shapiro/Atkins are turning the club into a pretender. Who are they trying to fool? They could have had all this sorted out before the start of the 2016 season, but instead they're slowly ruining the team. They're trying to fill in the gaps with cheaper alternatives while trying to tell us with a straight face that they will remain contenders. Seriously? I laugh at the idea that they're trying to build a better team...Eroding is the best word I can find to describe the process of the team. Each year is getting worse and worse until the epic collapse. Not a happy Jays fan...I should clarify that I'm not happy with Jays management.
  8. Apparently, a settlement has been reached. Good luck to those affected. https://www.vwcanadasettlement.ca/en/ http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/business/volkswagen-emissions-scandal-deal-canada-1.3903045
  9. If a team doesn't spend money on players like EE or JB, what's the incentive for other MLB players want to play in Toronto? Players must deal with crossing the border, colder weather, higher taxes and then play for a team that doesn't want to spend coupled with mediocre management personnel. And as it stands, the current roster is weaker than last year's squad. If we just squeaked into the playoffs last year, there's no chance of the Jays making the post season with the current lineup and especially when the Yanks, Red Sox, and Baltimore all getting better. Plus, for some reason, the Jays never play well against Tampa. That's a lot of lost games already and the it's not even 2017!
  10. Regardless of individual stats, there's no denying that the current team is weaker than where it left off. Still over 100 days before the season starts, so let's see what they can still do. And I'm one of those guys who's been against how the team is being managed by Rogers and Shapiro/Atkins.
  11. WikiLeaks posted about how the DNC undermined the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. If true, that's the true undermining of democracy and they got a serving of humble pie putting their support behind Clinton, who wasn't even favourable to voters to begin with-so corrupted. I feel that they've failed on all accounts on doing what's best for the people. I'm sure the Clinton supporters were looking for a big fat pay cheque when Clinton was suppose to win the election. And they were probably even celebrating a bit too early when they realized that Trump was the opposition, thinking it would be an easy win. For the most part, I think their arrogance grossly underestimated Trump, as had most critics were in the early stages of the election, and it blew up in their faces. This is all speculation on my part
  12. I've had a chance to try out a few different brands, including Under Armour. Best bang for buck value are the Helly Hansen body wear. Providing a link below to give you an idea of what they look like and for the price, just can't be beat. And they're warm. http://www.dynamicaqua.com/helly.html I think the best idea is to find out what your activity output is. For snowboarding/high output activities, you'll need one that provides you the best sweat management system. As we all know, when you get wet, you lose heat. If you're mostly going to be stationary, get the thickest one and just layer accordingly. And you should probably take into account what your own body generates heat. I know some people who just never get cold and with others, the total opposite. IMO, purchase accordingly. Synthetics are great, durable, and dries fast. The only bad thing I can think of with synthetics is some people report them not smelling too great. Really, it's body dependant. Pros for merino is that they're natural, very minimal body itch in fact SUPER comfortable, and doesn't retain the stink that synthetics can. Cons being: Expensive and they don't dry as quickly as synthetics.
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