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  1. After a frustrating hunting week with my cheap two radio I decided to invest into a good one. I have looked into reviews and curious if anyone can make any recommendations on a good waterproof 2 Way Radio. Thanks!
  2. I just got into fishing swim baits for bass and I am looking for suggestions on rod set up. I typically fish 3.5" - 5.5" plastic swim baits on swim bait hooks. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the replies and yes nice problem to have "Old Ironmaker" I hope to land at least one of those.
  4. I am looking at getting into open water perch fishing seriously this year on Lake Simcoe starting soon I hope, weather permitting. Looking for advise on a spinning set up. I was thinking of a 6'6" Light rod with a 1000 series reel. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks everyone for the help. Fishboch I tried your suggestion with FTMC and it worked, thanks.
  6. I am working off of my smart tv to the Android box. i downloaded an older version from the KODI site 15.2 Isengard as it would not allow me to download anything newer for some reason. I do the following: add fusion (http;//fusion.tvaddons.ag/) Go to Add ons Install from zip file Choose fusion begin-here (choices are begin-here / Kodi-repos / Kodi-scripts) At this point my only option is plugin.program.indigo-2.0.2.zip I am unable to see hub wizard and cannot find Addon -Installer to download Exodus. I did do a reset of the the box. Thanks
  7. I've seen many topics outside of fishing so I thought I would give this a shot. I have an android tv box that's not working and curious if anyone knows someone who can reprogram it for me with Kodi installed. Thanks
  8. I was told that Rogers and WFN could not come to an agreement during their renewal and Rogers decided not to carry it.
  9. I agree wit DanD its a small world and you do not want to burn any bridges. My opinion is that ones career must also be a culture fit as well as an equal opportunity environment. If its not a fit then search for another opportunity, do your due diligence about the new company and move on when you find a new job. Don't quit first as looking for a new job while unemployed will be a more difficult experience. Good luck.
  10. We are on Otter Lake in Parry Sound and the Black flies have been brutal. Need to walk around with a head net on.
  11. Has anyone upgraded to Abec bearings on baitcaseters? What benefits have you noticed if any? I understand there are Abec 5/7/9 and curious as to what the difference is from those with experience using any of them. Thx
  12. I have read many of the members and your input Akrinsoner and appreciate all the input provided to all posts. Yes I have been on since 2010 when I was 18 and even though it is not much to look at I bought my first used boat last fall. This is the first time I am able to go fishing without having to rent a boat. Sorry if my question came across as digging for info but that is not my intention. I would be more than happy to share my knowledge as I start building it moving forward.
  13. Looking at trying Gloucester Pool for Pike the first time next week and I understand one has to be careful of following markers due to many rocks. Curious if anyone can recommend some bays or areas to try land one of those elusive big Pike. Have fished Pike many times but unfamiliar with this body of water. Thx
  14. I am looking for an all round wacky spinning rod and I am thinking of a 6' 10" medium power, x-fast rod. Not sure if i should get a MH instead. Thoughts?
  15. Looking for some help here. I have a good friend out in Newfoundland who is looking for a used trailer to store his 33 ft Searay in the winter. He is hoping to find a used trailer with a capacity in excess of 11,500 lbs, with brakes and bunk preferred but will settle for rollers. If anyone knows of one or can put me in contact with someone who can help that would be appreciated. Cheers, Santo
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