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  1. Of course they can't.Will be another mess.Leave it as is.If you can't get to a beer store of an LCBO outlet with the hours they have now you drink too much.
  2. They don't sell out playoff games if they aren't in them.$ from a long playoff run would be astronomical to say the least.
  3. They are cracking down on walking your dog off leash in Toronto.The other morning my wife and i got a warning for doing just that.Asked what the fine is $360!!! More then driving and texting...
  4. 50% of the eligible voters don't vote and no one seems to care why would they care if you spoil a ballot?
  5. Manitoulin Island.Tad more then 5 hrs drive but you could take the ferry across.Lots of lakes and no crowds.Place we stay at in Mindemoya if we see 6 boaters a day we see lots.
  6. let us know how much you paid heard $2000+ per ticket in section 115!!! much rather stay home no line ups for washroom beer or food! sure they will have 35000+ plus for the next while anyways
  7. 36 hours and the trade hasn't been okayed by MLB yet and apparently they don't like it.
  8. A potential trade in the locked out NHL gets to page 2!!Really why care.
  9. What they didn't have chicken???
  10. In Kinmount the Kinvale Restaurant the best toasted westerns in the area.In Harcourt try The South Algonguin restaurant good food.
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