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  1. Yup. Needs to be locked down in the vertical postion to work.
  2. Tail makes it look like a Splake to me. Edit: Didn’t realize it was a Zombie post. I really have to start checking the date.
  3. You’re an amateur until you hit 2 dozen ice rods. 😉
  4. Talked to our local marine dealer. They lost all their orders from lodges and camps, but ended up selling out everything anyway. People were flocking in and buying up everything they had. They ran out of inventory a good month early.
  5. F3DB986A-C4E2-411B-8810-67F6DCC899CF.gif
    I think I’ve got you beat Art 😄 My jet boat will eat through almost 14 gallons an hour of premium at full throttle. 💸💸💸 Thank god it spends the majority of time on the trolling motor.
  6. Here’s a link to rebuilding 1976 to 1992 Carbs for 6 hp OMC outboards. There are 3 video links in the article. The one on reassembling or the one on reinstalling should have carb setting information in it. https://www.boats.net/blog/johnson-6hp-outboard-carburetor-rebuild
  7. Cold Starting mixture is too lean. Check your carb settings.
  8. When you did the compression test did you pull it over at least five times with the throttle held wide open? Less than 5 pulls will not give an accurate reading on most 2 stroke motors.
  9. Make sure that auger is secure, or you might end up with a head ache. 😉😄
  10. I’m have a Aviva marine policy. It covers electronics.
  11. 6BEEEFD0-9A70-4AF2-8CAC-63C4E6997898.jpeg
    2007 AC 570 FC Panther works great for me.
  12. Our bill went up even though we consumed less than last years bill. We did alot during off peak, laundry etc. Now at the so called “ Covid special rate “ our monthly bill was up by almost $20 even though we consumed less then last year. Just another way for Hydro One to screw a bit more money out of us.
  13. Probably just a faulty sensor in one of the wheels. I’ve had the same problem with my 05 Silverado. The sensor either needs adjustment or replaced. On mine, as you slow and are about to come to a stop, the abs kicks in because the sensor stops picking up the wheel rotation and thinks it’s locked up. It will also cause an abs warning light.
  14. I had a 2007 Crestliner 16’ Fishhawk with a 60 hp. It had a 55lb 12 volt trolling motor. Used it for years with no problems. I could troll all day without issue.
  15. You’re welcome. That was my first guess. The previous owner probably tinkered with it at one point.
  16. I’d check the idle screws and mixture screw on the carb first before assuming a seal leak.
  17. Looked at a online parts diagram for the 2000 8hp Johnson. It looks to be the same model carb as in the video above.
  18. Not sure if this You Tube video will help, the motor in it appears to be a few years older. Not sure how much they changed the carb over the years.
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