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  1. Nice, I had a hut out in lefroy one year when we had a lot of ice too, had the truck out a bunch.
  2. Crazy, seems it’s freezing later and staying longer now a days.
  3. Man, do you guys ever remember a winter recently with this much ice? I’m just south of innisfil beach road on simcoe and I have close to 3 feet of ice in my bay. Last weekend it was the entire length of my manual ice auger and shaft lol! Anymore ice I’ll have too chip the rest after I use the auger lol
  4. I have a 14.5 inch perch replica on my wall from around the cooch side of the marina, during the perch fest, was a monster.
  5. Funny how the perch locations changed. I started going to it in 2007 with my wife’s family, they had done it for years prior. We used too always sit just south of the main bridge with tons of other boats and slam the perch there. Then I think the construction started and it seems no one caught any out there anymore and it was all just in the marinas or under the bridge. I remember going to an island early on for them too.
  6. I caught one about a decade ago and my father in law won the boat a few years ago. It was a great festival when they allowed us to fish in the marinas where the perch actually were. Seems Orillia hated the tourist money, they seemed too be actively trying too ruin it for years.
  7. Still a lame excuse, anyway. Hopefully it runs again, but probably not.
  8. Very disappointing it's cancelled again... Seems to me a lot of not very good excuses. The app worked ok last year, I call Bull on the prizes. If you can't get prizes then why not make it strictly a cash prize then, it would be something.
  9. Ugh, no thanks lol. What's next laser fishing? it just shoots the fish for you...
  10. I have a 6" swede bore manual auger, I can cut through a foot of ice in 15 seconds easily. Just make sure the blades are sharp and pitched correctly.
  11. Beautiful pictures! That's the life.
  12. I'm around the 7th line of Innisfil, our bay just got ice like a week ago, I ventured out a little yesterday, close to shore only had 3 inches maybe. Hopefully the blanket of snow doesn't hurt the progression much, supposed to be really cold for a while.
  13. Ya we normally bring 3 batteries with us, but it would be nice to only bring one or two since we are only in a 9 foot boat lol. Was wondering if there was a way to use something small too keep them topped up while we fish.
  14. No idea was just wondering. Doesn’t charge much with no sun. The river always flows
  15. I was just looking for something to slowly trickle charge my trolling motor battery on the way down the river or while we are fishing so we have a full charge on the way back.
  16. Interesting, thanks. Found some Dakota lithium 200 amp batteries for 1700 bucks lmao!
  17. Really? Even sitting in the river spinning for 6 hours while we fish?
  18. ya I found that one while googling, was wondering if anyone had experience
  19. I figured it could charge the battery while we are going down the river and then even as we sit on a bank to fish it's still in the water charging it more.
  20. Hey guys, i had to paddle back from our boat run today lol, our batteries apparently didn’t hold a charge like normal for some reason. Got me thinking, does anyone have any suggestions for a water turbine that is powered by the river flow too slow charge a battery? There has to be something out there that does that?
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