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  1. Congrats! I am going for the PAL course this weekend.
  2. Sail carries a few model of Concept Ti rod. the new Cumara is not in yet but should be in stock very soon. You should also check out the old style Cumara, they should go on Clearance soon.
  3. I should have call in sick and went with you. nice fish!!
  4. Good to hear the problem has been fixed.
  5. You can go technical or you can go simple. I run 8 lb main line and 4 - 6 lb leader, I dont use swivel at all, I joint the line and leader with uni to uni knot. Float on my main line for easy adjustment and I dont have line twist problem.
  6. 2jack2

    My new toy

    I didn't recognized it was you, but than we never met before....
  7. 2jack2

    My new toy

    Enjoy the reel, Geoff.
  8. What I am trying to say is there are many great fishermen out there do know about fishing and are dedicated to the fishing industry. BPS or SAIL, associates help many customer everyday and they are very happy with the service we provided. I agreed knowledge is important when it comes to fishing, smart company do not hire people base on knowledge. The whole package needs to include knowledge, personality, team player and availability. Knowledge alone don’t make a good salesmen.
  9. if you don't know the fact, do not make the assumption. But for those who think they know everything, then not much I can do about it.
  10. As far as I know Shimano is still doing their best to stand behind their products. the fact is if too many people abusing the warranty, the tighter the service will be. if the rod was broken because of abuse, miss use or accident, don't try to get it replace, sure they will take it back and give you a new one, but when it starting to hurt their bottom line, the next guy with a real "defects" rod may have a hard time to get service. About retailer doing over the counter, it is up to the store, best is take it back to where you brought it since the retail should fulfills the after sells service. If the customer choose to use another retailer, a service charge should be apply but again it is up to the store. I was working in the store yesterday and a customer came in and mentioned his crucial rod broke and the store he purchase the rod from is no longer in business, he was not sure what to do, we took the rod and told him we will sent out the rod for replacement, no charge.
  11. Update on the no tax sale, they have no tax on all fishing products, with the only exception on electonic. I dont know about Gagnon's pricing, never been in there before. Comsumer have their choice where to shop, I just past on the information.
  12. If you can find good size Crappies, then try some Lunker City Fin-S fish with 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz jig head, fish it with or without a float.
  13. No 1 selling rod in North America.......
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