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  1. hi, we booked with 7 lakes wilderness camps in nakina for next year. Brad the owner is a great guy to get ahold of. he's very helpful
  2. Nakina has an airport. lots of fishing up there
  3. I agree with pics. But if you need it take a trip down hwy60 through Algonquin and try to see a moose
  4. So I can fish on it, have a campfire on it, play on it, eat on it, bike on it, atv on it, but if I have a nap on it then that's illegal? this is one of the stupidest things I've read
  5. Port franks. they come up the ausable river. there's not a ton of them that do but there's the odd few. that river runs through my town and I've caught them in there. its better for trout.
  6. Why would you ever need to fish in a prohibited stream in northern ontario to catch walleye? there's so many of them up there
  7. You might have better luck on walleye central Canada. There’s a ton of feedback on different fly-in lakes
  8. Whats your budget for a fly-in? We went with Leuenbergers in nakina to percy lake. Awesome fishing. They have a great spot on an island thats super close to fishing. Was 1000$ taxes in. Didnt have to worry about over weight charges either. Would go back here. edit: i just checked, 1050 plus tax
  9. Hi, my father in law is going to quinte October 3 for a few days in hay bay. What tactics should he be using there for that time of year. Most that are going are all newbies. Any help would be much appreciated. He has a couple of planner boards that he plans on using. Thx acplumber
  10. Hi, im headed up tonight to do some work on a place on ahmic lake for a few days, and again in 2 weeks. Wouldnt mind trying to catch a trout or 2 after work. Is there any lakes or streams close by that might hold trout? Thx
  11. x2 for wenebegon lake. Did a father and sons trip there with five mile lake lodge. its a huge lake with lots of water to explore. Theres a few beaches on the lake that u could boat to and camp at. There were some younger guys working for the MNR doing that when we were there
  12. hi, switzers gun auction is happening right now. Have any of you purchased from here? good or bad experience? theres a few firearms that caught my eye..... how do you get the firearm after you win the bid? thx
  13. Hi I'll be staying on the river this weekend and want to take my kids out a few times when we are up there. We will be inbetween Durham and Hanover. What do you think a good lure/bait/tactic would be for trout. We will have our spinning rods with us Thx
  14. Hello everyone. A group of six of us are going on a fly in and out of Nakina. Does anyone know of a place that rents full-size passenger vans out of the London or nearby area? I have tried all the regular rental places and no luck. The only place I have found so far is Bennett rental and sales, and they are way too much Thx
  15. X2 for uncut angling I watched 39hrs in 2 sittings Even my wife got into it. And she could care less for fishing shows
  16. Going to melchett at the end of June for a guys trip Then headed to charlton lake lodge with the fam for the last week of the summer
  17. In 2004 I drove out there through the states on the way there it was pretty cool going through Wisconsin and through the badlands in North Dakota and into Montana but then we went north into Lethbridge Alberta and drove the crows nest pass into BC Man is BC a beautiful province I would just strongly suggest not driving at night there because there is an elk everywhere on most of the roads and then we came back through Canada I would suggest going A different way each time both are pretty cool and I seen a lot
  18. There's a ton of info on walleye central about lac seul
  19. Try to not let them get under ur skin. Jealousy gets a person nowhere. I like reading your posts and you have answered the questions I had about little missinabie. Actually u took time out of your day to talk to me on the phone during regular work hours. Keep the reports coming plz!
  20. Hello I have just booked at Charlton lake lodge for this wkend Does anyone have any advice on fishing this lake? Seems that it's mostly pike and bass Just wondering the best places to start looking We have a pontoon boat while we r there for the kiddies, not sure who more excited. Me or them Thx Steve
  21. Hi fellow OFCer's Heading up to Lowell lake lodge at the end of May for 4 days What lakes around the area have decent walleye fishing in them. We have a quad and a trailer with a 12' tinny so getting to a back lake shouldn't be a big deal. Thx
  22. So I got an email from nakina saying they won't be open for the opening weekend, which is very unfortunate So we have our plan b booked now We are going with air-dale to little missinaibi Does anyone have any tips they could share with us plz? Where should we start to look for them this early in the year? Thx acplumber
  23. G'day We are hopefully going on a fly in for the walleye opener out of nakina but also have a back up plan out of wawa . Just wondering if anyone has some info on how the thaw is coming on either of those areas Starting to get a little worried Thanks
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