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  1. Thank you all for the kind words! I feel great and can't believe how much this has changed my life & made it so much better. Trust me, fitness is the greatest gift you can give yourself. I still have a ways to go but trust me - I will get there. If this is something you are thinking of doing get started TODAY! Just go for a walk, that's all you need to do to start. I started with a 30 min walk everyday. That was my goal; just to get my butt out of bed a bit earlier and walk. Before I knew it I was adding a bit of running, then all running. Even after running the half marathon I can honestly say the hardest miles I have done were those first few days when I forced myself to get up and start walking. But I did it & now I feel better than I have in years. Oh ya and the smaller I get the bigger my fish look in pictures lol. Sorry if I sound like a preacher I just figured if this short post and video helps a couple more people to get a little more healthy then its all worth while. Once again, thank you for all of your kind words. They truly mean a lot to me.
  2. OK OFC'ers, Two years ago when we did Facts of Fishing LIVE we got an earful from some of you for not having a Barrie event. Well we do this time and it's tonight so I hope to see a bunch of you there. The last two shows have been crazy & with your support we can pack the house again tonight and have a great show. So please help spread the word about it to all your fishing buddy's and come on out tonight it's going to be a blast. It's FREE Doors open at 630 show starts at 7 Georgian Theater 1 Georgian Drive Barrie ON Hope to see you all there!
  3. I was not that hard on you. It could have been worse you could have been Bev the security person lol. I hope your feeling better
  4. Hey Guys, Only one week until the Facts of Fishing LIVE Tour. I hope to see a bunch of you at these events. Please help us spread the word about it & we will see you there it will be a blast! Monday, April 18th, 2011 – SARNIA Imperial Theatre 168 N. Christina Street PO Box 43 Sarnia, ON www.imperialtheatre.net Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 – LONDON London City Music Theatre 900 King Street London, ON www.londoncitymusictheatre.com Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 – BARRIE Georgian Theatre (formerly known as The Gryphon Theatre) 1 Georgian Drive Barrie, ON www.barrie.ca Thursday, April 21st, 2011 – KITCHENER Humanities Theatre (University of Waterloo) 200 University Avenue West Kitchener, ON www.theatrecentre.uwaterloo.ca BRING A NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEM TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FOOD BANK!
  5. Hey Gang, Hope all is well with you guys. I am really excited that Subway has asked us to do this tour again. This years version of Facts of Fishing LIVE will be even bigger & better than in the past. This time we have decided to do all the shows in theaters. This will allow for a much bigger crowd & and much better show. If you have never been to a Facts of Fishing LIVE show let me tell you this is not your average fishing seminar. It's the perfect mix of a Fishing Seminar / Rock Show with a little comedy squeezed in. I guess I always wanted to be a rock star or a comedian but was only missing one thing TALENT! So this is our answer to that lol. Anyways it will be a crazy fun night I am really looking forward to seeing all of you guys & listening to J.P & Paul I always learn something from them. However since we do these events totally FREE we do not spend a bunch of money advertising them. Our goal is to pack each location & as I said we have some pretty big locations to fill this time around. So we need a bunch of butts in the seats. But I really think this will be a great opportunity to promote fishing & get people excited about our great sport of fishing. So we do need your help with spreading the word about these nights. Please help us by posting this event at work or on other boards you may use or on any of your own websites, facebook or twitter. Or even better yet do it the old fashioned way just invite your fishing buddy's out to great, fun & FREE night. Lastly (guys) maybe even tell your bride that you will finally be taking her out to the THEATER for the night like she has always wanted you too (Hey They Are In Theaters)lol. I hope to see you all there for a good night & please remember to bring a canned food for the local food bank. Thanks OFC'ers for your help and support as always! Dave
  6. Guys at no time did I say I was leaving the board or not posting. I will just be thinking twice before I comment on any fishing product. This board is a great place with many great people that I am proud to call my friends. It's just to bad that often when any pro posts something he is jumped on and accused of spamming. But hey I guess it is easy to do that when you don't use your real name like I do. Maybe I should register a different screen name that I can just use for such attacks. Hmmmmmm what should it be maybe something really cool....something like Grimace but I think that is already taken lol.
  7. Hey Grimace, Comments like this my friend is why less and less pro's are posting on this or any board! Thanks for reminding me not to post fishing info on a fishing board that I have been a member of and supported in MANY,MANY ways for years!!!
  8. Guys as always every bait has it's place but as our water get clearer Live Targets place is getting bigger & bigger. If you look at what goes into the Live Target baits and compare apples to apples they are a deal. Bottom line is if used right you will hammer some big fish on them. If you don't believe me watch that show again and pay very close attention to what bait my fishing buddy is using that day! It's not a Live Target but I think deep down he wished it was lol! I missed see you all at the Fishing Show this year but I hope to see a bunch of you at Bass Pro Shops on March 27th at 1pm. Dave
  9. Sorry All, No I will not be at the Spring Fishing show this year. I really wish I could be there but I will be down in New Orleans for the Bassmaster Classic at the same time. The cool thing is the show will be picking up the tournament weigh in feed so I guess I will kinda be there lol. I will miss seeing you guys this year but I will have a seminar at Bass Pro Shops March 27th at 1pm if you guys can make it I would love seeing you there. Take care Dave
  10. Thank you all for your kind words and feedback. Shooting this show with Pete and Shram was and absolute blast and an honor. I can't wait to get out with them again and try whoop on some more of those beasts!
  11. OK OK I guess I'm starting to look cheap since T.J is putting up all the prizes! So I will add in a $200 lure pack for the lucky winner. All you have to do is post a review of tonight's show and you could win. If you want a second chance to win we will be giving a second $200 lure pack on our facebook fan page as well. So please feel free to enter both. Good luck and I really hope you guys like this season. Dave Mercer
  12. Hi All, I almost never post links on here but this one really needs to be shared please check it out. http://factsoffishing.com/blog/dave-mercer/al-lindner-on-facts-of-fishing/ Dave
  13. Thank you all for your kind words they really do mean a lot to me. Your support is always awesome!!! Just so everyone knows I keep getting a bunch of emails and notes asking if I'm moving or if I'm quiting Facts of Fishing or shooting all my shows down south now. The answer is NO, NO and NO none of the above. Everything will remain the same with Facts of Fishing and everything else I do. I will just be doing this in my spare time lol. Once again thank you for your support I'm going to need it my first day at the office which will be at the New Orleans Arena in front of 20,000 screaming Bassmaster Classic fans and broadcast to over 100 million homes on ESPN 2!!!! I think I have to go throw up now lol Dave Mercer
  14. It was great seeing everyone there today wow what a crowd! Thanks again for everyone that came out your support is always very humbling. I have a big event coming up on Dec 18th at 1pm at Bass Pro Shops. I will be doing a seminar and a book signing that day and have a few fun things planned for the crowd and a big announcement. So if you can make it I promise you all it will be a blast! Dave
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of OFC'ers there on Sunday at 1pm. Lets try set a record for the most anglers in a book store at once. I'm sure it can't be hard to get that record lol. If you can make it there on Sunday that's awesome if you can't then at least tell one of your fishing buddy's in the area to come say hi to me. Dave
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