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  1. Thanks! All great comments. This city boy's confused as ever. I'll post a pic of the sidewall. Old Ironmaker - you're a saint for giving away spares. I've never done that, nor would I ever accept it unless I paid for it.
  2. Had a boat now for years and thankfully never needed a spare tire. But thinking it'd be wise to get one just in case. Already got the scissor jack and was hoping to get some collective wisdom on what size and type of spare tire to get. How do I know which tire to get? I measured out rough measurements but still not sure. Appreciate any info provided...
  3. Anyone have any tips on how to identify what kind of bottom is under the boat, such as mud, gravel or rock? I can clearly identify boulders, weeds and submerged trees, but not sure about the rest.
  4. Maybe a newbie question, but how do I change a spare on a boat trailer with a boat loaded onto it? I assume I'll need to jack the trailer, but will the jack hold the trailer? I'm thinking the risk of slipping is high.
  5. Anyone know if the Muskoka lakes are clear yet? I would go see for myself but it is a bit far of a drive to be disappointed.
  6. Because I have been there a few times and want to try something new. Any suggestions welcome.
  7. Anyone know of any resorts open in November that aren't on the Bay of Quinte? I know it's a shot in the dark.
  8. Thanks. Going to the plumbing section to find a plug with the same diameter and threading as the overflow.
  9. Fuse? Brilliant! Thanks everyone (again). Nice to have more storage on the ship.
  10. Thanks everyone. But how do I stop water from coming in through the sprinkler if I accidentally press the livewell fill button?
  11. With C&R, I really don't have a need for the livewell. I would like to turn it into a storage compartment. But when the boat's in water, there's always a bit of water in the livewell. Is there anyway I can permanently seal the connection to the lake closed? I could put a lot of gear in there if it weren't always a bit wet.
  12. I've always found the board to be helpful. When I was fiddling with my swing tongue and wiring for the trailer, members offered to come give me a hand. I also remember Irishfield offering to repair an aluminum hull for a donation to a cancer organization. And I know I've gotten so much help online from members that I made a small donation myself since I cannot possibly repay the favour with my limited information. Kudos to OFC for having such good citizens!
  13. I'd like to know the answer myself, as I'm in the same "boat". Thanks for bringing it up.
  14. I agree, people can jump to conclusions and be quite political, especially over their muskies. That story sounds believable and legal to me. Congrats on the catch! I'm sure if someone posted a picture of a stringer of 60 perch where 50 perch were the limit, it wouldn't have gotten such a response from some people.
  15. Sounds good to me. Don't think a fishing license gives them powers to search a residence on a tip or hunch without a warrant. I'm not a lawyer though, but I wouldn't just say "come on in" if I was under suspicious.
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