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  1. Thanks for the repiles guys. Made sum phone calls yesterday all the insurance companies I talked to said there was no need for a boat survey on an aluminum boat just wanted picture proof and most were 1/2 the price of my current insurer for the same coverage . So i guess it pays to shop around just saved over $550 for making a few calls.
  2. Thats $400 just for the boat survey then $350 a year to insure it its only insured for $4500 with contents
  3. I just recieved a phone call from my insurance company informing me that I need to have a boat survey done on my boat by July 18th or they will not renew my policy .I own a 1989 17 foot aluminum bow rider with a 50hp the boat has been insured by the same company for 8 yrs with no claims made by me or any problems.Now all of a sudden I have to get this done ??? I am in the Kitchener area closest place is 45min away and they want $400.00 and cant do it till mid August.Am I out to lunch why $400 and why do I need this??? Anyone have any suggestions or have had similiar situation. I know the boat is older but I had an appraisal done and summited pics 2 yrs ago to them to verify the condition Thanks Jamie
  4. I fished the lake last year for the first time and stayed at the park in mid August for a week.There is alot of pan fish and some bass .I fished that lake hard and did manage a few bass but not many compared to the hours spent on the water. The park is ok but as another post mentioned no where for your boat over night.Its a good day trip lake if your in the area.But there are many more nicer and better fishing places and parks around IMO
  5. Thats why there is no fish there .Dont get me wrong YES it has fish but compared to just a short 3-4 yrs ago its been hammered hard for a very small body of water which IMO has seriously affected the fish populations there
  6. This is the route I think I may have to go the kids still like sleeping in the tent (Wife and I dont) thanks for all the info guys camper looks like the best bet if I am going to tow my boat without alot of retro fitting a hard top tent trailer
  7. Been looking into purchasing a tent trailer or slide in truck camper for the family instaed of the cottage rentals every year.They both have there pros and cons the biggest pro and only pro I can see for me on the slide in camper is I can easily tow my 18ft aluminum bow rider along with us,but the tent trailer is better suited for the family and probably it will be used 90% with the family.Would it be legal or even practical to tow a tent trailer and my boat tandem ??I know there are options like taking 2 vehichles but thats not really a family vacation and we are doubling the fuel costs and I dont want to down size my boat to a car topper .I have a full size dodge pick up with a beefed up suspension and a 5.9l so towing capcity isnt a problem.It is very important to me that I be able to take my boat so I can go fishing or it wouldnt be much of a holiday now would it Thanks Jamie
  8. I was having the same problem I replaced the foot pedal and seemed to fix it cost me about $100. sure alot cheaper than a new electric
  9. My buddy has had nothing but problems with his tracker since the first day he put it in the water LEAKS, ELECTRICAL,and has even had to replace the MOTOR .Ended up having to take it to an independent marina to get it fixed at his own expense just so he could get some use out it nothing but a run around from BPS where he bought it.He has owned the boat for four years and it has only been in the water maybe 8 times because its always in for repairs
  10. Can anyone PM me some info on this lake ? Looking at booking a week off late May early June for some pike and walleye fishing.Just wondering if it was worth a weeks holidays or should I be looking to try some where else?I have a boat so getting around wont be a problem and was thinking of taking the camper and trying the trailer park on the North end of the lake Thanks Jamie
  11. Went threw the same thing a couple months ago looking for a truck .Kijji and truck trader.What a crock send me the money to ebay and I will ship the truck to you ya right I guess there are poeple out there that fall for it or they wouldnt try it
  12. Rainbow (Chad) is amazing I dont go there for price but for the service and the willingness just to shoot the breeze about fishing. Fishing Fanatics in Waterloo also a great spot small but very friendly NaturalSports over priced and not willing to help out much unless as stated before your one of the chosen ones or are looking at a $400 rod and reel combo I have been put off by them one to many times I will not give them my money while there are others in town who deserve it more IMO
  13. DUMB How would he think he could get away with a 1lb wieght in its gut
  14. Thats right but they didnt use high HP boats and gill nets 200yrs ago .If its there heritage or right or what ever use native means to harvest what they need for there family and community .And yes there are plenty of non natives out there to harvesting walleyes but I doubt 4 guys in a hut can rape a resorce as bad as a gill net spread a mile acorss the lake
  15. When I see people do this kind of thing I usually pick it up and follow them along there walk .After I see where they live they find the doodoo in there mail box the next day and not always in the bag
  16. Thanks for the reply mistaredone .I guess I will have to buy a hand full or 2 for bass at 4 for $10 I guess I cant go wrong and if I dont like them I can always give them to the kids
  17. Any one know anything about these lures? Any one use them ? I was at our local farmers market this weekend and there was a guy there selling them 4 for $10 brand new in the package he had all different styles.I picked up a couple frogs and bass cranks,They look good the hooks and split rings are a little weak so I changed them out.Some pretty neat patterns available.
  18. I just bought a truck off there last weekend love Kijiji I am always on there
  19. OMG I just had that same conversation Saturday with my wife when i got back from Canadian tire with a bag full of stuff I didnt really need and again this afternoon when I got back from another restocking run from Toronto But I am all better now that my medication has kicked in while sitting in my pile of goodies trying to figure out where the hell I am goint to put it all again
  20. No one said they had to pay for it .I wanted to take it to MY mechanic at MY OWN expense to have it checked out $100. to have my mechanic who I trust to look it over is money well spent.But when someone refuses to let my mechanic look at it when I am paying for it you really gotta wonder why not
  21. I hear ya I too have been looking and trying to find a certified and etested truck in that price range .I cant believe how many sellers refuse to let me take it to my mechanic,I just walk away . I always feel they have something to hide IMO if they are not willing to let me check it out at my own expense Just because a vehichle is certified doesnt mean you wont run into problems .It doesnt cover motor or tranny.
  22. Thanks something to keep me busy until soft water season
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