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  1. I'd rather just call it 'Salmon' If It was mine... just saying...
  2. Or Central Surplus at Yonge and Wellsley in Toronto.
  3. Maybe 4 miles, you do it for the conservation part of it, or the 'hunt' for those steelies, I for one love it, fall winter and spring, and I never break a law, its really quite easy not to. if the trout is stupid , why fish for it and break the law to do it.... well those breaking the law fishing at the dam are stupid too.
  4. nice photos, the first one is my desktop back ground...if you don't mind.
  5. no, i think that a while some guy won it..and he's selling it.. i wonder why, other then the 45K If I were Dave, Id think unfaithful fan...unless its an emergency for the money or hes downgrading to something more affordable or something like that..
  6. i love simms g4, but for less $ the simms freestone i think is awesome, iv had the bass pro waders puncture easily when walking through bush..
  7. Yeah but your float fishing, so you want a buoyant main line, like mono, and under your float, after all your split shot, a flouro tippet to your bait. I say just forget about braid for trout salmon fishing, I never ever use braid unless im trolling for muskie on the north shore. and still... hardly.
  8. some places are open to december 31st as an extended season, just read more carefully. I dont understand how people get confused.. read and listen to what you read.
  9. floating jigs. instead of a lead head its styrofoam. but some have really flexible hook shanks so..
  10. well he (fisher12)could be 30 for all we know... just saying..
  11. Funny, True, But we don't want to be starting anyone off with bad habits! fisher12 DO not use a marshmellow. if your fishing the credit, grab a wolly bugger or bead head wolly bugger, in black brown green, maybe a stone fly or two, that will be good all fall winter spring, and in the summer for bass.. and all along I wasnt going to say a thing
  12. well Steelhead trout smell something like 4 parts per million, circle the great lake they live in, or travel thousands of KM in the ocean to return to its stream of origin.Hows that sense of direction! I read somewhere the stray rate is something like 3 % of trout go up the wrong river
  13. www.blacks.ca/blacks/jump/product/30969/Pentax-Optio-W90-(Green)/cat40007/Compact-Digital-Cameras/product.jsp?prdId=30969&bauth=1 Pentax Olympus http://www.blacks.ca/blacks/jump/product/30797/Olympus-Stylus-Tough-6020-%28Green%29/cat40007/Compact-Digital-Cameras/product.jsp?prdId=30797&bauth=1
  14. That seems like fun bringing Mum along! Nice fishes too! now, Where the heck is the gore? p.s. That dish sounds lovely and looks appetizing!! (can't speak for all)
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