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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-FOuHcNHOg well , here's an update
  2. i know it's a pretty common bird but i just...don't like it when something dies around my house =S i fed it some dried mealworms and it took them all I hope it'll be on its feet soon even though the chance seems very small
  3. got it in a box with some tissues it's lying on its back kicking its legs
  4. There's a sick bird in front of my house! here's a pic of it What can i do?
  5. i just moved to waterloo recently for uni and i had to leave my car home because i don't have a parking space at where i live =S (havn't been fishing since school started..sigh) Please hit me up if you can take me fishing near UW area we can share the cost Thanks =]
  6. I don't know much about boats but i think this might be a hard question since propellers can probabaly be made out of different materials, but i just want a general idea of how much a new propeller for a 9.9HP johnson outboard will cost =] also, can propeller be repaired? how much would it cost to fix a propeller for a 9.9 HP johnson outboard? Thanks
  7. friend of mine had a lot of success with the crayfish crank bait but they are a bit expensive >.>
  8. how long is this going to be? i have to sent out some paper to UW
  9. Thanks everyone for answering =] it was just an idea that came up to me a couple of month ago, i know buying a house is not as easy as it looks like, i thought about other expenses other than just the mortgage, i figuered with the tax and other bills it would cost at least $1500/ month,thus the planning of renting it to 3 people. once again, thank you all for answering, i'll be doing a lot more research on this. btw, hows the fishing in waterloo area?
  10. Hi everyone, i'll be going to University of Waterloo in the fall and i'm having trouble finding places to live, i find renting really not worth the money i have some money for a car and i'm thinking of spending that money on a house and rent it out i found a house for sale in the area for about 240K and with 0 down payment, the monthly payment is less than $900 if i rent the house out to 2 or 3 other students, i could cover the monthly payment, but i'm worried that there might be times where i won't have that 2 or 3 people is it easy to rent out rooms in waterloo area? this house is about 7 km away from the school Thanks
  11. Thank you all for answering i'll try to head out to the lake this weekend and see if it gets any better hopefully to get a video =]
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