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  1. Quite the revamp on this thread, and good save! I tried to get a couple pike before season closed however I was unsuccessful. Should be good pike fishing well after opener in most areas this year, cant wait! For anyone considering it, pike on the fly are a hoot. Here's one from last year.
  2. these are great stories! I have launched hans solo without the plug only to run back from parking the truck to stand there wondering why my auto bilge wont stop. my boat leaks so it took a second to come to my senses. ive also fallen out of my old 14ft while fishing smallies on lsc. I like to remember that day being windier then it probably was. it was on video but in my embarassment i deleted it. Ive had the pleasure of being hooked in the face and the back of the head by my fishing partners. Both were the first and last time I went fishing with those guys! The one that gets me the most is my habit of unhooking fish and throwing the plies in the lake. I get to hasty for that picture and Ive lost atleast 5 pairs of pliers this way. Unfortunately theyre usually not mine but im always a good guy and replace them. Last year while fishing wilmot early spring i was trying to climb the hill at the end of the path going up to the road, it was extremely icy so it was slow going. I got 3/4 of the way up and i had to cross to the other side of the path to avoid the ice. I got to the middle of the path with nothing to grab. Again im 3/4 up the hill and start slipping, arms flailing. I wound up falling and sliding down the hill continuing down an adjacent hill down into the valley only coming to a stop when my waders snagged a tree and ripped. I had my new GLX in the hand the whole time so I was unable to slow down my slide. I went slid faster that day than ive ever gone at boler mountain! I ended up going the long way around back to the car. Keep the stories coming!
  3. Some real nice bass mike! We will have to try a Kawartha lake next summer for that bass trip we've been talking bout for years haha ya can teach me how it's done!
  4. I've heard good things about the general at2. Also consider cooper at3 and Hercules new at has great reviews also, both are toted to be quiter and smoother than the general. My pops has the hankook at m they're supposed to be good on ice but my experience is limited.
  5. awesome purchase! I recently just upgraded and I love my alumacraft/etec but I did see that rig pop up on kijiji and thought it was a excellent deal! im glad to see that it went to an OFC member. thats one super versatile boat and perfect for your intentions. congrats. good luck with the slime this fall.
  6. great info thus far. ive recently stepped up to 8'6" for the majority of muskie rods I own. there was just a recent similar thread with good info. i like the old compre full cork models but I have heard decent about the new models and theyre also reasonably priced as well as st croix premier series. 80# for sure. always figure 8 in stained water. muskie love feeding in these areas and ive had plenty of fish rocket up and smash my baits when i would have otherwise told you there wasnt a follow until the rods almost ripped out of my hands. 8'6" also makes 8s a breeze. a longer rod is personal preference. i used 7'6" for a couple years and still caught plenty of fish, so if its easier to transport and feels better to you, then dont hesitate especially since the 5600 is a little on the smaller side for really large baits as mentioned, and im sure as you get into the addiction a larger rod/reel will be a later addition. For a larger rod/reel, I was once told to always spend the most on your longest/heaviest action rods because thats where the weight saving is most noticeable. imo get one of the rods i mentioned earlier for now and save up for a rod/reel combo for the big baits over the next season. Good luck getting slimed!
  7. edit: I need to reload pages before i post didnt realize you already pulled the trigger. il go ahead n make the 8'6 xh premier my suggestion for your second rod. works well for the bigger stuff.
  8. beauty fish! what kind of structure were the fish holding too if you dont mind me asking? hoping to try a couple spots in the east kawarthas tomorrow
  9. il start it off with a pic of a little guy i picked up trolling on opener. I had a nicer fish strike on the figure 8 but missed the hooks i suppose! Awfully generous offer of you mike. best of luck this season!
  10. good tips mike! Ive had a couple that were so bad that the stop of momentum from the backlash caused me to accidentally throw my rod in the water! Good reason to stay with a full cork handle as itll give you a couple extra seconds to retrieve the rod, not sure if this happens to anyone other than me. in the summer i just jump in after it. in fall you just hit the trolling motor n hope like heck it doesnt sink!
  11. awesome report mike! heck of a season. that weird muskie with the shoulders in the 4th pic looks familiar. I believe i caught that exact fish during october. i also left her in the water for a pic as she wasnt looking so hot.
  12. as someone who fishes the tribs occasionally without much guidance from experienced anglers, i wonder what the proper leader length is to avoid flossing? originally i heard 1.5x the depth of water but have also heard that if drifting properly only 1x the water depth is needed. basically i fly fish with single eggs and this accounts for the majority of my hookups. id hate to think these are all lined fish on a side note, i have witnessed small chromers aggressively pursue and take drifting single egg but only once
  13. some sweet looking plastics. cant beat the price and i bet itl be fun to create new designs too.
  14. my dad has same truck, 2 of them. clean the terminals if that doesnt work then loosen starter bolts/connections ( with battery disconnected ) and tighten back up, temporary fix that probably wont work. my dad rebuilt the starter on his 1996 and this random no start stopped happening. so thats probably best option. in the other truck, a 2000, it happened as well and cleaning the terminals worked until a new battery was purchased and we havent had the problem yet. (knocks on wood)
  15. thanks for all the info! i ended up fishing a trib on the trip n got one nice brown on a green caddis. planning on going back soon! pm sent on the recipes
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