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  1. It was my pleasure to help out . The jeep and I needed the nice drive out .
  2. I was all ready to head up with my girls, they had a blast next year for sure
  3. No fishing for tyler event :(

  4. No fishing for tyler event :(

  5. A good sniffer will sense when it's just the right time to cast a line!
  6. Are there LED lights on the trailer? And is the ground running through the plug or through the hitch?
  7. I made my own out of aluminum , when I get a chance I will add a pic of it.
  8. My girls and I would like to thank everyone thats participated, we had a few good laughs, and I hope all on OFC did as well Its been a blast and successful once again I want to personally thank a few members for their donations , Tj Quesnel (Due north fishing tackle) for the jig heads, mouse and frog baits. Big Ugli (Big Ugli baits) for the harnesses and salsa I am waiting for a few from Rodcaster as well My girls picked out the rest of the items Thanks again guys and gals, we had a blast once again. Lets do this again next year . Start date will be on xmass day Cheers Vinnimon
  9. Winners have been posted regarding the photo contest :)

  10. My girls have decided on the winners First place goes to Joeytier Second place goes to Rodcastor Third place goes to Rich Congrats Thank you kindly for all the entries , and the donations We cant wait to do this again next year I will anounce what has been donated and by whom, once everything is received and to be handed out. Thanks again Vince
  11. You guys are too funny Iwas supposed to update last weekend but the judges werent around They will view all the pics and make their decisions on saturday All entries are due by 1159 pm on march 15/2013, no entries will be accepted after that. Cheers and good luck to all
  12. March 15 is the deadline , good luck to all My girls and I will update this weekend as to who is in what place at this point. Thanks for the entries guys and gals, dont hestitate to send more in lol Cheers to all, and fish on
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