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  1. Perfect! That's what I like to hear! Cranks and plastic it is I'll be out there next Saturday This damn storm kinda put a damper on today... Thanks again guys
  2. Awesome!! Thanks very much northern!
  3. Yeah I'll giver a go You just throwin spinners and spoons? I'm a big soft plastic guy but ain't so sure they'll bite on that there this time of year
  4. Hey everyone I'm taking the tinny out for one last haul before I cover it up for the winter. I'm probably just gonna hit up Hamilton harbour but I'm not so sure what's there this time of year if anything. Just thought I'd ask you guys if its worth it to head out there for my last trip or not Any advice is good advice! Thanks guys
  5. I think im gonna try the very top of swift rapids road Looking at google maps it looks like I could probably toss my boat in right around that dam. Or just before it. I think I'll make a scouting trip up the road first. It would suck to tow the boat all the way there to find out the roads are suitable! I'll post once I go and let everyone know Thanks for all your help everyone Much obliged!!
  6. That's awesome! Thanks very much I'll check that out for sure And I'll post a report and pics when I get back Hopefully that might redeem me a bit with the rest of the crowd! Hahaha Thanks again!!
  7. Yeah I figured that after I posted. Probably not the smartest question to ask!! But someone once told me there's no such thing as a stupid question so why not right? Hahha I love bass fishing but I'd really like to catch more than just bass. But to be honest I'm not picky. Fishin is fishin! I think 2.5 - 3hrs outta Hamilton would be about my max seeing as it would just be a weekend trip. Thanks very much for replying btw Was not expecting anything!!
  8. Hey guys and gals A couple years back my buddy and I went on a trip up to Long Lake. It's just northwest of Orillia off of Swift Rapids road. It was absolutely AMAZING. Basically noone on the water and the fishing was GREAT. We took my Hobie Pro Angler there and it was a perfect match for the water. However... It is about a kilometre trek in and it is definitely not an leisurely stroll, especially dragging about 300lbs of kayak and gear (some of which may or may not have been many a can of brown pop!!) up, down, through, and over the shall we say arduous terrain. It was definitely worth the effort but looking back now, had we have known the mission it would be to get in, I'm pretty sure we would have looked elsewhere. Until I can get my hands, or more importantly my funds, around an ATV that Long Lake will be Long Lost... My question to the people is this... Does anyone know of a lake that is relatively easy to get into where you can just set up camp without having to worry that you're on someone's private property or campground or what have you? We're dyin to get out again but really did ourselves in getting to Long Lake and would like to find somewhere of more or less the same attributes but with a slightly less physical entrance fee. I've also acquired a 12' tinny with a 9.8 Merc that I'd love to get out somewhere with the same sort of scenario. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a great season so far and for those of you that are attending the Fish-A-Thon that Dan and Ryan put on I shall see you there!!!
  9. Can't wait to get back on that water!! Such an amazing spot for the hobie. And with this gaining so much popularity year after year I can only imagine what we can accomplish! Third time's a charm! Gonna be a blast! Ps Ryan I'll be bringin a fellow fishaholic again this year!
  10. That's a great system if you're down to spend the extra cash for the specific roof rack system and additional bar. My pockets were scraped clean after buying my dream toy though. Also, I had never taken my seat off once when I drove with it on my racks and I literally made hundreds of trips. I'm sure the drag may hurt the mpg a bit more but there were no issues ever with it flying off the yak or even loosening. That bar does absolutely make it a quicker, easier load but if you're like me and don't want to spend much more cash, it's not necessary. Regardless off how you get the PA to where you're going, the hardest part is 100% going to be getting off the water to go home. Trust me on that!! Hahahaha Have fun!!
  11. Yup No problem I had a chevy cobalt when I bought that amazing angling weapon Being able to independently maneuver this beast was one of my favourite things. What I did (because I had bought the cart when I bought the yak) was roll it right up to the back of my car first. To avoid scratching my trunk I rolled out a mat over the trunk. I would then lift the bow of the hobie on top of the trunk. Then I moved around to the back of the yak and then pushed it up to the roof racks The whole thing is really not that heavy especially when you're sliding it along a plane Of you're even considering buying this bad boy then you should absolutely go for it I seriously have nothing at ALL bad to say about it aside from the hefty tag But really, what is the price of utter elation!?? Go for it man If you're at all like my you won't regret it Let me know how it goes!!!!
  12. Thanks guys Definitely helpful I'll post some before and after pics in the spring when it's all done Can't wait to get out in my first tinny!
  13. Okay thanks for the advice I might just lay some ply to flatten the bottom out. I'll post pics once it's done
  14. Hey I'm looking for some DIY instruction to help me make and install a casting deck on a 12' aluminum boat I picked up a few weeks ago. Does anyone know of a decent site with some helpful info? Or have any plans from one they've done themselves? I'm putting money away over the winter so I can get it built and ready to go for as soon as I can next season!! Pretty excited! Any help is appreciated Thanks a lot!!
  15. Yeah I waited YEARS to get my PA!! I just finally couldn't take it any longer and had to go bite the bullet. And what a tasty tasty bullet!! I'm so glad I got that thing. I've had nothing but an absolute blast with it every time I've taken it out. I got mine at Swift Canoe and Kayak on #11 just past the "Muskoka Store" and right before Gravenhurst. As for a 'deal' I got $300 off for taking the demo model. The only thing to show signs of it being an actual demo is a small brand of the word on the back hull. Other than that it's a beautifully flawless fish slaying machine! I even take my girlfriend or a buddy out on it and they site behind me in a beach chair quite comfortably! I can't say enough good things about it. If you want one, get one. That's my advice! Hahaha
  16. What a great story!! Looks like an absolute blast! Thanks for the report! Look forward to seein next year at the Fish-a-Thon
  17. I just traded in my 08' Cobalt to finally get something I could actually fit all my work tools and fishing gear in without feeling like I'm playing tetris while I'm loading up! I got myself a brand new 2011 Jeep Patriot and thus far I can't describe how awesome it's been. One thing I've got to figure out now though is how I'm going to take my PA from home to wherever I'm goin fishin. I had Thule roof racks for the Cobalt and obviously they won't work for the Jeep. I'm pretty sure I want to go the trailering route this time though as it's going to save me more than the difference in the price of racks in fuel economy in the long run. I've been looking online and Trailex seems to be a popular opinion to get people's PAs around. I just thought I'd come here for some suggestions before I go out and drop the cash. If anyone has a PA (or something similar) and uses a trailer I'd love to hear about your setup and what you think I should do. I'm leaning towards something small and aluminum so I can easily take the thing around by myself. Also, I'm in Hamilton and would rather like to not have to drive forever away to pick something up! Any help would be awesome Thanks! Josh
  18. Thanks guys! I'm goin out today so that'll help for sure I'll let ya know!
  19. Just a quick question here. If I'm throwing 15lb braid with an 8lb fluoro leader is my set up not then restricted to 8lb test? The saying ' the chain is only as strong as it's weakest link' springs to mind. I've been told by numerous people that having a nearly invisible leader helps, which makes sense, but why do people use a weaker fluoro lead on a stronger braid? Maybe I'm missing something here but it doesn't make too much sense to me. Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks!!
  20. That's good to know. Thanks Rich I'll try those places instead Good lookin out!
  21. Thanks very much! I'll repost after I get out with hopefully some pics of a bunch o fishes
  22. I hear if you hold the fish away from your body it makes it look bigger in the picture.....maybe try that?? Hahha, jk man!! Tough luck!! Hope tomorrow prevails for ya!!
  23. I've only got tomorrow off and was looking around for somewhere close and easy to get to on the map and found Christie. They say there's bass, pike, crappie, and bluegill in there but I've never been. Just lookin for a bit of info from you guys to see if it's worth my while to head out with my Hobie. Not to say that there's such a thing as a bad day on the water just wondering what the fishing is like!! Any info is a plus! Thanks!!
  24. I'm thinking of doing a camping trip north of Gravenhurst to a little piece of water near Weirs Bay. I'm just wondering if anyone here has any info on that particular area such as road access (I would be taking Orimat Rd) and what condition it's in (I drive a Chevy Cobalt so offroading is not an option), camping availability, and things of that nature. The island I'm thinking of boating out to to camp on is the one big one by "McDonald's Cut". Here's a link to the google map image of where I'm thinking of heading... http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Weirs+Bay,+Gravenhurst,+Ontario&aq=0&sll=49.891235,-97.15369&sspn=55.144899,135.263672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Weirs+Bay&ll=44.848339,-79.481771&spn=0.014696,0.033023&t=h&z=16 Any help would be great! Thanks very much! Josh
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