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  1. bummer G, seat open in my ride anytime for yah bro. J.
  2. have a good one girl, J.
  3. A buddy would lend them their boat.
  4. Thom, you beat me to it, I was gonna quote that one as well.
  5. I'd could be persuaded, Roger, pick a date, nice new ride btw bud. I like it. boston.
  6. Angling Outfitter's, 577 Dundas Street, Woodstock, Ontario, 1-519-539-5494 It's a hidden Gem Wayne. no webiste, just tackle.
  7. I am not 100% positive on that one Wayne, but I do know that Pursuit rod holder's fit the Bert's tracks, hard to say as there are so many add ons and accesories, but I'd say your on the right "track" J.
  8. Yes he does Roy, I've seen some of the stuff Robin has made for the boys, Hitting the Odessy Roy?
  9. Actually Wayne, they used to be the same company from what I understand, some sort of family dispute, they split up and Pursuit tracks came to light. there's nothing wrong with Pursuit, it's basically the same deal, as far as the tracks go, but I beleive the Bert's may be a little better quality when it comes to there DR swivel bases and there new ratchet rod holder's are the "Bomb". Enjoy man, you'll like what your getting. J.
  10. It's all Bert's Wayne, http://www.teclausa.com/bert/products.html Awesome stuff, Gman and fishdawg put me on to it, I was considering trojan tackle tracks, but I like the fact I can buy parts right off the rack.
  11. Gerrit, we'll get out, I'm just waiting for winter to end.
  12. Hey Wayne, Me thinks your gonna like. J.
  13. Odd, both my Big Jon dr's have 12v dc plug adaptor's and built in breaker's on the motor's, installed with a marine breaker on the positive lead of the battery. Hey Pigeon, I have one big jon swivel base and backer plate if your interested. boston PS, I must just live around the corner from yah.
  14. sorry Pete, a picture's worth a thousand word's
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