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  1. Peter, this summer once they relax the restrictions I am taking YOU out for a day of fishing on buckhorn lake 🤘
  2. So much nostalgia from one post! I remember reading and admiring every post and every photograph that you (+ your co-conspirator) shared from your Toronto Islands fishing adventures back in the mid 2000's. I was about 16 at the time, so the fanaticism was at an all time high. I remember the impressive Canon G5 shots (try to impress someone with a 5MP camera today!), the fishing hook necklace, the tats, the big hoop earrings, the ahead-of-its-time website design, the dozens of impressive catches, and of course the dedication to the Mepps #3 in black/yellow! If I remember correctly, the last post I read from you was from a fly-in pike/walleye fishing trip you took to Little Vermilion Bay also quite a few years ago. I just can't believe this many years have gone by! Back when I first started posting on OFŇ I couldn't even grow a beard, and just as with the pike, you have again 1-upped me. 🥳 Glad to see you too have made it this far and continue to pound the waters. Cheers!
  3. Anyone heading out this week/end and wants some company out on the water? Trying out my luck just like in the old days !
  4. Peter! How are ya? How's the pike population in the Harbour been? Still got the Lund? Catch any more monster carp in the Humber lately? Hello TJ ... never quite got the meet the big boss !
  5. I'm back in the GTA for the last few weeks but pretty much all of my fishing buddies have either left the city and/or have left the sport! I'm also partly guilty because I've been travelling a ton the past few years, living abroad, and fishing sporadically... How time flies... it seems like it was just yesterday that I was posting pictures of my pike and carp catches from the Toronto Islands ...
  6. Like many who have already written before me I too will miss Steve and will remember him for being a passionate fisherman and outdoorsman, a photographer, a fighter, and a friend. Between '05 and '07 Steve and I exchanged close to 300 e-mails about everything from fishing to family life. He was among the first people that I'd met in person off these forums when I was a teenager just getting serious about fishing, and Steve (along with Ron from Peterborough) introduced me to Carp fishing. Him and I also went on dozens of trips together chasing Salmon in the Ganny (albeit with far fewer catches hah), trout (in Whitecastle, he loved to try for them there), perch on the ice (He always brought his Vexilar, I would freeze my ass off), and even white suckers in Beaverton. But of course his favorite fish to catch was Carp. For some time Steve became something of a grandfather figure in my life, someone I could rant to freely about teenage woes, and someone who could ask me for help with their computer or email. I know that he had persevered through multiple bouts of cancer through the years, but his spirit seemed to be indestructible the entire time I kept in touch with him. I'd always admired that about him. It's truly unfortunate that he did not get to enjoy his retirement years. RIP old friend.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4akNcLUDrb8&feature=related Just push play and watch your heart rate climb.
  8. wow , boat porn at its finest. looks amazing.
  9. My money is on Randy Couture, because he is Randy Couture. Randy's striking is more technical though less powerful Randy's clinch is nasty Randy is more used to being on his back than Brock Randy's cardio even at 44 is superior to Brock's. Randy by sheer experience in the 4th round.
  10. Don't forget that if you want to see results from proper nutrition and weight lifting, you better be in this for the long run because the body doesn't build muscle quickly. Focus on putting more weight on the bar for the first 6 months . Start from an empty bar to get your body used to abuse. Good luck.
  11. I guess when in Rome, get your butt back to Canada!
  12. I actually think that a sign of good customer service is when they help you before you go and rant on a message board, because although they helped you this time, not everyone is going to rant online like you successfully did, and so many people will remain unsatisfied. When they decide to help you after you've given them bad PR, then they're just doing damage control, but the underlying problem will continue to exist.
  13. Sounds like fun Johnny!!
  14. I can't believe so many people are picking Forrest for this one. There is no place where Forrest is better than Jackson. On the feet Quinton has knockout power, while Griffin couldn't even rock Tito Ortiz. On the ground, Griffin can play a great defense game off his back, but Quinton will be too much for him. I predict a repeat of Jardine vs. Griffin, unless Forrest goes for a leg!
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