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  1. Sign me up Mike. I'll be the 1st subscriber! Now to start packing myself for my surf & turf (walleye & moose) trip to the Ogoki in a few weeks. Have fun in Armstrong. Still jealous. Hahaha.
  2. I'll admit that I have always been jealous of your trips, whether it be up north on a flyin or chasing steelhead around the Great Lakes. I enjoy your posts and can get more lasting information from them than any half hour fishing show. Yes, your posts may be a little commercial at the end, but I value the honesty that you present in your review rather than cutting it short and not commenting on the boats, the accommodations and the operator/owner. Good job. Keep you head up and keep 'um coming. Mike G.
  3. Question is: Who went out to change the flat tire?
  4. Good luck on your adventure although you won't need it. There are some big brookies at the gorge (on the downstream side or Hawley Lake) and they are a totally different shade than the river fish. Something like a Superior Coaster would be the best description, more silver than green. When I was there 16 years ago, some of the guys caught 7-8 pounders there, so be aware. The laker fishing away from the rocks was exceptional as well. Hoping to get up there again sometime, but sadly no more personal floatplane.
  5. Could be something a lot simpler than blaming the gas. If it is a re-occurring problem, I would look at the filling point. I dont know what you have but on any boat, they are usually exposed to the weather. If the gasket/seal is lost or broken, it will allow rain water in whenever it gets wet especially if its on a flat surface of the boat. Just my $0.02.
  6. Just came back from Chicago and stopped in the Hammond, Indiana store. They had in-store specials on the Guide wear jackets. Bought three jackets that were $299 each, but got them for $97.49 each. This price was posted on the rack and the register was not aware of it, but they honoured the posted price anyway. Actually, most of the Guidewear extreme stuff is on sale now online at $199.00 each for the jacket and bibs, so you might want to look into that. I would inquire if Cabelas Barrie would price match, but sadly, i doubt it.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised by those numbers, and it just comes back to my main reason for starting this topic. Why do the commercial netters have more harvest than sport fisherman? 29000kg vs 20000kg? And the sport fisherman got screwed over on a new limit again? So as others have pointed out, we release the smaller fish to grow and get taken up by the netters. Who makes this stuff up? I guess its only in Ontario. Simple math brings me to this conclusion: Commercial harvest - 29000kg gross - 14500kg filleted @ $35.2/kg($16/pound) retail = $510,400 at retail prices. Sportfisherman (my trip this past week) - Accommodations, boat, fuel, bait, tackle, food, travel - $1200 - 1 walleye kept at 1.5kg/3.3lbs gross - .75kg/1.65 pounds filleted = $1600 per kg / $727 per pound If the 29000kg commercial harvest numbers are correct, we are talking about a commercial fishing industry worth a half a million bucks! Meanwhile the whole sport fishing industry on Lake Nipissing is collectively losing multi millions a year and sportfishing more than likely contributes multi millions to the general economy of the area. This is what gets me. The OMNR and our government is restricting sport fishing for the protection of an industry that contributes little to the overall economy of the region while using a greater portion of the resource for its activity. Stupid, just plain stupid. All for 1/2 million dollars. What the hell?!?!?!?!?! I didnt want this topic to go off on a tangent blaming the natives that live off the land for their substinence. That is not what I intended. Yes, it is the natives that have the commercial fishing quotas on Lake Nipissing and I would have the same feelings if it were white folks netting the lake. Given that Lake Nipissing is a valuable resource and is within commuting distance of the GTA, it should be used more effectively than present practices.
  8. Bushart, I know that there has been commercial netting on Nipissing for years. But if you step back and take a look at what is really going on, you dont have to be a scientist to see the true picture. Right now there is a few very strong year classes that are ranging from 12-17 inches. Something had to spawn those fish 2-3 years ago. To tell me that those fish simply disappeared is Bull. Its no secret that gillnets target fish over a specific size/length. So where are the larger fish? To me there is only one answer. That and the fact that there have been at least five abandoned ghost nets found this year simply confirms what I believe to be true, it is the commercial nets that are removing the larger fish, and not the sport fisherman. Lake Nipissing should no longer have nets. You state that 30 years ago there was no technology to find fish. 30 years ago you didnt need technology to find fish; they were pretty much everywhere. To tell you the truth, I think the walleye are pretty much everywhere this year. I truly believe that there is less than half of the anglers fishing Nipissing today as 30 years ago. Sturgeon Falls was a fishing mecca 30 years ago, today it resembles more of an RV park. There is less fisherman, the limits are lower, there is still lots of fish (under 18") but few fish above 18". Again, it just tells me that nets are the main reason that this is happening. I have no issue with natives taking what the need for substinence, and I never have. But to sell pickerel/walleye fillets at the HWY 17 roadside, I have issue with that. $16 a pound for pickerel is far cheaper than what it cost me to get a feed when I have to catch it. $100 or more a pound would be more like it if you account everything involved with what it takes to sportfish a walleye. This just brings me back to the MNR. Stop, buyout, whatever, the commercial harvest on Lake Nipissing. Given that this lake is within driving distance of a large population should make it even more obvious that commercial netting has no place on Lake Nipissing. I am passionate about this subject because it seems that our government, our MNR, does not want to do anything about this subject other than taking it out on sport fisherman. Its about time that things change. I am afraid, the blame game will continue on both sides. The MNR has bought out quotas before,but you never hear about it happening on Nipissing. Stop Commercial fishing on Lake Nipissing! Kingsalmon
  9. Just came back from the South Bay area of Lake Nipissing and we were blessed with awesome fishing weather for three days, light winds and warm days. The pickerel were definately on the bite as almost every spot we stopped at, we caught fish. For three days and 4 or 5 rods fishing, we caught over 200 walleye. Usually we catch that amount over a week, but this year we only had three days to fish, so there are definately lots of fish. Now this is where my passion for Lake Nipissing stops. Previous to this season the limit was two walleye, none between 40 and 60 centimetres. The limit used to be 6 any size, that changed to 4 any size, that changed to 4 with the slot limit, then two with slot limit, and now 2 over 18.1 inches. Of the over 200+ walleye that we caught we only caught one keeper. I had to explain to my kids that we had to throw them back to get bigger. They asked why? I don't know. Someone thinks that there are no fish in this lake. Previous years we caught lots in the slot. This year there were very few of last years slot fish. The only explanation I have is that they have been harvested. I understand lake managers were saying that older years classes were disappearing but whey they were disappearing can only be attributed to one thing and I will only mention it once. In my point of view, the commercial netting of fish on Lake Nipissing is decimating the walleye population. Sure there are lots of small ones, but once they get big enough that they get stuck in the gill nets, they are gone. Certain authorities are blaming sport fisherman for over harvest. All I can say is this; thirty years ago fishing lodges were vibrant with full occupancy and a limit of 6 walleye and this continued for decades. I remember summer days were we would see hundreds of boats out on a weekend. This Sunday and on previous years, you are lucky to count a couple dozen boats, so there is for certain less angling pressure/harvest, yet there is less walleye in the lake because of sport fisherman? MNR give your heads a shake and open your eyes! Big and wide open! I so hope that something changes soon so that my kids and eventually their kids will enjoy fishing this lake like I have over the past fourty years otherwise it will be too late. Resorts are hurting and this years regulation change will be the final nail in the coffin for many of them. I cant even imagine anybody going ice fishing anymore with this regulation. Rant Over…... Kingsalmon
  10. Steal it back! Thats what I would do. They probably wouldnt be able to describe it if it went "missing".
  11. I guess their working to make the recreational fisherman the only reason why the fishery is failing. Come on guys, pull your heads out of your a_ses, a net kills all fish that get stuck in a net. A spear kills the larger walleye when they are spawning. A rod catches a fish but it can be released. Rec anglers are governed by possesion limits and slot limits. Yes, some will break the rules, but 10% is stretching it a bit. The natives and their lawyers have an agenda and they won't stop until Nipissing is their playground, and only their playground.
  12. You prpbably haven't had the suit in the elements yet, but what do you think of the new Guidewears. Thinking of picking up a set if the new ones are worth it.
  13. Doesn't help when Alberta is dumping oil sand crude into the states at $35-$40 because nobody wants it? What the hell? Then they mark it up as if we are paying market price. Why don't our refiners buy it for that and sell it to us at 60 cents a litre. Whole lot of bullcrap going on.
  14. Hoping everything turns out well for Jen, and you and wife can finally breathe normally without all the stress this is causing everyone. As with everything I have read about Jen, this is just a bump in the road, and she'll be back normal in no time. Take care and hopefully you can get some fishing or flying in soon. Michael G.
  15. I am almost sure that this will come to fruition in the rest of the province. As TJ mentioned, Nipissing has always been the testing grounds for regulation changes, and I feel this time around its going to be no different. In the next decade this whole province with have the same limits as Nipissing. Pretty soon no one will know what a pickerel/walleye tastes like
  16. Congratulations Mike on what may be your first published article. Here's to many more interesting articles about your incredible fishing trips.
  17. Just saw this pop up on Yahoo and though it may be relevant to what is going on in our province. Obviously these are some bad apples but it brings up the question, why should methods that would be clearly illegal in licensed practices be allowed for sustenance? Just sayin'. KingSalmon http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/manitoba-elk-slaughter-video-prompts-questions-investigation-183034129.html
  18. I'm disappointed that they didn't include a light duty diesel option. Who are they kidding? Diesels rule!
  19. Even if its illegal netting, there is still legal netting. I mean, how much money is the commercial harvest worth anyway? I can bet you a hell of a lot less than the angling side. You have to consider every fisherman driving, buying bait, staying at lodges, food, marina service, etc. I will bet its 100:1. The MNR and Ontario government should have bought out the commercial licences and be done with netting. That way when someone does see a net, there would be no question that its illegal. I fear that whatever fishing lodges that are left on Nipissing will be in rapid decline in the next few years. I know for one that our annual club fishing trip to Sturgeon Falls will be a no go because of the new limits. People are just going to look at other alternatives.
  20. EXACTLY! No need for another word.
  21. Ya, but is this really going to help? Even if the population rebounds,do you think that they will ever change the limit back to S-4, C-2? Fat chance. I have a feeling that this will eventually become the norm through the north. I believe Nipissing was first to implement the lower limits from S-6, and the rest of the province followed suit. Looking at the regs it looks like they took the slot limit out, but there may be more details to follow. I wonder if the netters have reduced limits also. Sad day for all the lodges and resorts on the lake. No way that this is going to be good for business. I guess they will eventually sell and the waterfront properties will become Muskoka North super cottages.
  22. If its prepared right, you'd swear that you were eating halibut. I've had it once when when we were moose hunting on the Attawapiskat about 15-16 years ago when we could still keep sturgeon. It was amazing fresh. But we made the mistake of freezing one whole and bringing it home. Let me tell you that the thing transformed into the smelliest fish you have ever smelt. I guess that fat does not freeze and it goes rancid quick. Too bad they put the moratoreum on the whole province as there are many on the Ogoki, Albany, Attawapiskat rivers up north.
  23. Was the wobble always there since you bought it? Are you sure you did not drop it at some point? I noticed in the video that the spool in the body side is wobbling a lot more than the open side. The only way that that could happen is if the reel was taken apart and was dropped on that side. I do not think that a error that noticeable would leave the factory given that these are hand assembled and I am sure that they give each reel a spin test. Just for reference, my islander does not wobble at all. I don't think there is much you can do to fix that to new condition.
  24. My Honda gave me an alarm a few years ago that I could not figure out. It turns out that is has a water sensor in the fuel line. Basically it got to the point that it turned on as soon as I turned the key. Given that you did not run it since August, it may have pulled water from the tank and now you are getting an alarm. Good luck!
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