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  1. Hi Dave,glad to see your fishing as usual bud lol.Hope you had fun.Say hello to your buddy for me. Steve
  2. Steve,you use to be generously proportioned,looking good bud,are you sure it's you I'm looking at lol. Congrats Steve,have yourself a good Holiday season bud,with your Famliy. Steve
  3. Nice fish Jaden,you will always out fish the PINK tutu man LOL. Steve
  4. Roy nice looking eye bud,useing your feet to hold him down too WTG, larry has fast flowing water as we know, Keeping going out my friend,now is the time for them.Take care will talk to you soon. Yes I,m still kicking LOL. STEVE,
  5. Chris,that is a nice Brown trout bud,what did Norm catch. Steve
  6. ..Yes the 27th is the day,can't wait to get one with my Bow .Good luck to all who get out. Steve
  7. Happy Birthday Wayne,did you eat that cake yourself .Hope you ha a great day. Steve
  8. ....What doe's that mean TJ,my old one is out dated Depends what you want to change,what you thinking about changeing ,with the old style?Make it into a3in1 style orwhat? Steve
  9. ...WTG Glen,nice Crappie and cat and a 10 minute movie too,what more could you ask for. Steve
  10. ..Hey Bubba,to much time on your hands eh. Hope your not getting White fever know.LOL. Steve
  11. Lew,wishful thinking Bud. Stave
  12. Something you Hillbillies don't see that often Steve
  13. ...Joey nice fish,but Paul catching something,that's odd at least his back is well enough to go LOL. Now send him back to work,holidays are over now. Steve
  14. Wayne I'm doing fine bud,I remember that picture pretIty well.Had a great day,like Fishfarmer mentioned came in 2cd place for adults,and with some fish too.I think Monique still has that prize LOL. Steve
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