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  1. Fushimi PP outside Hearst is Amazing....also, look at Missinaibi just North of Chapleau is great too!
  2. Thanks for sharing some great pictures! I wonder if in 50 years, my kids and grandkids will look at my old pictures with the same kind of feelings and fondness, we do we think think about those old pictures? Thanks again for posting them!! dk
  3. WOW! Looks like a great trip. If you said, I missed it....who did you fly in with? I'm thinking by the blue/gold on the plane it was Hawk Air, but I could be wrong. Nicely done! dk
  4. dustink

    I'm a dad!

    Congrats! Love the name, "Kai"!
  5. Don't know if it still does, but for awhile it played on WGN down here....I really enjoyed the show.
  6. Wawa & Hearst both hold lots of memories for me. I also spent a vacation outside of Atikokan....and could retire there!
  7. Thanks, guys! Musky is closed until June 1 (I believe)....so we'll be fising for Northern, Walleye, and Smallmouth. The owner of the place said they have some boats at a couple of lakes that have boats at them, and the one we're most interested in the smallmouth lake. We'll see....thanks for the insights!!!
  8. We're looking at our annual trip to the GWN to be a Eagle Lake and Little Vermilion Bay Lodge (www.vermilionbaylodge.com) ....between Kenora and Dryden . We're going in May (23-30). Anybody have any experience with this lake (or this part of it) and/or this lodge? Thanks! Dustin
  9. no, I didn't. But you can contact them through their website: www.fivemilelakelodge.com
  10. Dave & Christine are great people and they run a good camp. 4 of us guys were there in '04 (U.S. Memorial day week) & '05 (July 4th week). We camped one year and stayed in a cabin the other. Good walleye...lots of pike but no real size....and, yes, smallies. Caught a few pushing 5# on top water near the old ramp in the closed provincial park. PM me if you need some more / detailed info....I think I have a marked map I could track down for you. dk
  11. We'd be coming up over U.S. Memorial Day (5/23-30) Thanks! dk
  12. Thanks guys....a couple to look into for sure! dk
  13. 4-8 guys 1 week in May Walleye, Pike, Small Mouth Drive In access Other than that...we're pretty open. I've looked at lots, but wondering if any of you all have some first hand insights. Thanks!! dk
  14. trip of a lifetime...that's it...I've got to get to Alaska! dk
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