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  1. Hello y'all. I'm a righty and use left hand retrieve on my spin and bait caster. It's just more comfortable, logical to me and that's how I learned. I've asked a lot of folks this question: if you're right handed and use a right cranking bait caster, then why? Why switch hands? Makes no sense to me. The only logical response I've ever heard is "I learned that way" or "there were no left handed retrieve bait casters when I learned to fish"
  2. awesome man!!! i love this story... you will have the whole movie of that moment burned into your mind forever... congrats geoff!!
  3. A big thanks to Milo for taking me on my first Canadian fishing adventure! As usual on Lunkerville, we had our obstacles, but we fought it out and Milo put us on fish. And we finished the day with some burgers and beer, which is always a sweet way to complete the day. I really enjoyed my time with the Hamburgler Milo and I continued the fun in the editing room. Next stop: Montreal!
  4. We're still on WFN Charles. 4 times a week. And our new season begins in April. W're also coming to Mountaln Lake PBS Saturday mornings at 10am starting in April for our friends in Ontario, Quebec, Upstate New York and Vermont.
  5. Thanks Crazyhook! Whitemike, I don't take it personally New episodes of Lunkerville will begin airing in March. Lunkerville is not your average fishing show and not for everybody.
  6. thanks guys... and for anyone who doesn't get WFN, you can watch all the shows online, anytime at http://www.lunkerville.com for free... it's great for when you're at work and need to scratch that itch!
  7. Ben, I spend a lot of time on fishing forums and wish I could spend more time here: this is a great website! I love fishing forums. Actually, Lunkerville was born from another website I co-own and webmaster, nybass.com. But between the nybass.com forums, the lunkerville.com forums, the lunkerville facebook page, and all the other things that life brings, there's only so much time in the day! and thanks for the invite and thanks for watching the show
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for all the kind words. I just got back to NYC from Toronto and really enjoyed myself there. Actually, I love Toronto! It was only my second time there and I got a chance to hang out with the folks at WFN (which is headquartered in Toronto) and fish with an awesome guest: my man Milo! I call him "my man", because I feel like I've known him for a long time... we hit it off from the first minute... the guy is funny as hell and we talk the same language: McDonald's breakfast, fishing fun and cold beer at the end of the day. I didn't know Milo at all, really, when I asked him to be a guest on the show. We had a few internet chats, email exchanges and a couple phone calls. I actually met him on another internet forum when a Google Alert came to my mailbox for Lunkerville. It was a forum where some dude started a thread that asked "why does this idiot have a fishing show?" (or something to that effect...lol) Of course rejection sucks, but I was happy to see so many nice people reply to his thread that "Lunkerville is awesome! You just don't get it! Mike D isn't the expert, the Average Joe guest is! (or something to that effect...lol,again) Anyway, Milo sent me am IM, we had a brief conversation, I had a good feeling about him, and I put him on my list of potential guests for future reference. This list has hundreds of people all throughout North America btw. When the time came for me to go to Toronto for some WFN biz, I checked my list, and Milo was 1 of maybe 20 or 30 people from the area that had invited me fishing. I had a gut feeling that Milo would be a good guest, so I emailed him and ainvited him to be on the show. A few days later, we're fishing! That's how it goes in Lunkerville. Really, there's now rhyme or reason who gets picked to be on the show. There's only one requirement: you have a passion for bassin! Man, woman or child. And I have to say, my gut feeling was right because I couldn't ask for a better guest. Milo is full of personality, smart and fun to hang out with. This is going to be an awesome show! Yes, it was a very tough bite with the nasty weather front the night before, then the torrential rain during the day. But that's what it's all about: the conflict... the drama...the GLORY! I love a good story. When things seemed grim and bitter, Milo stepped up to the plate, didn't give up, and found the fish. He's a fishing hero in my book. Thanks for a great time my man. And for the good burgers and cold beers when the day was over. It was a day to remember.
  9. lunkerville.com my friend.. you can watch all the shows for free on the internet... even at work!
  10. thanks MrEh... my philosophy for the show is a simple one: anyone who is passionate about fishing can make an interesting epsiode... ANYBODY... now, i admit that most of the shows in the past haven't been intensive with tips and techniques because i often get lost in just the fun of fishing... but i'm making a concerted effort this season to focus more on the tips while retaining the fun and recreational nature of the show... so stay tuned!
  11. that of course is "paul revere" from the beastie boys... good tune... i actually had the pleasure to work with boys in the late 90's... very cool dudes... i edited a 30 minute promotional video for "hello nasty" that had each of them play infomercial pitchmen... i think they actually aired it on late night TV with an 800# for their album... mike d sold an exercise machine, MCA sold a get rich quick scheme and Ad-Rock sold a juicer... anyone remeber seeing that?... good times. thanks guys for your support and emails
  12. we're scheduling shows in the montreal and toronto areas so look out!... the stupid guy from the states is coming to canada! and... if you want to be on the show and you're not a professional fisherman, shoot me an email... but remember, we're going to your honey hole, fishing on your boat, with your tackle and you're giving up some of your secret techniques... so be ready to piss off a few of your friends! i've already received a bunch of invites from WFN viewers to fish in canada, but we're looking for even more potential guests to cull from, so give me a shout if you want to go fishing... and if you have some video to send me, that's even better... we have a "home videos from lunkerville" segment of the show where we feature viewer videos and then ask them to be on the show.
  13. thank you sheepheadmaster! "There are worse shows on WFN"... so you're saying we have a chance Bill! Jocko, you can get WFN on the following systems: Rogers Personal TV ch 426 Bell ExpressVu ch 419 Star Choice ch 458 Shaw Cable ch 152 in the USA DISH Network ch 394 Verizon Ch 317 & ch 597
  14. Hey Guys, Nice site you have here! I just found it and saw that you were discussing my show, so I thought I would chime in. I realize Lunkerville is not your average fishing show, so for those of you who don't like it after one or 2 viewings, watch it a few more times. It's obvious I'm no pro fisherman, but that's kind of the concept for the show: the non-expert host gets taught how to fish by his real people guests. I have a ton of fun doing the show and I think I'm actually learning some things too It's funny... I often get the same initial reaction from viewers that some of you have: "How in the hell does this idiot have his own fishing show?" or "That Mike D. sucks!"... but give it a chance. A lot of those viewers have gotten back to me to say they really enjoy the show now. We're doing something that no one else is doing by featuring everyday anglers as guests... and you never know: you or your buddy might be on the show next week! Thanks for watching and special thanks to those who appreciate the show. We're on our 5th season and loving it! Mike D.
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