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  1. Good luck to the OP but I have my doubts this Zebra has changed his stripes.Absolutly the biggest ----head I have ever dealt with.It was nasty weather when we were there and we had no choice but to fish in the bungalow because his "out" huts were not included in the package (he said they were when we booked)and were reserved for millianares and rock stars.I hope the op has a good time and doesn't get into a fist fight with the moron like the guys in the hut beside us did.
  2. Citica is the best value in the shimano line-up. IMO
  3. Much easier for the criminals to just hack into the white elephant gun registery than to troll fishing boards for someone to victomize. Hope you enjoy the 870.Hard to go wrong with the 870.Just picked up a 20gauge 870 for my daughter.
  4. I live in the Picton area and can tell you it is the one you don't want it to be.
  5. I have the legend 16 exterminator which is the same as the xgs but does not have the built in tank.I have a 50 hp 2 stroke on mine.It goes 30 mph on gps no matter the load.It has no problem pulling my kids on the 2 man tube.It has handled everything the Bay of Quinte has thrown at it but I need to pick my days on Lake Ontario.I use it alot and have had zero problems with it yet.I love my legend (4th summer) and have no regrets in the purchase.Most posts on here about buying a boat turn into bash Legend posts.You need to look at what you are looking for in a boat and talk to people who actually own the boats.Most people who bash Legends don't actually own one and are looking to justify there own boat purchase.For me the legend got me on the water with full waranty for the best value I could find.Legend may not be the right fit for you but don't discount them because of opinions from those who post without really knowing.If you have the money more hp is never a bad thing but the 50 gets the job done.Good luck with your purchase and if you have any questions about my boat you can pm me.
  6. Water levels are still way down.Some launches will be a no go for bigger boats.The ramp by the bridge is do-able but you have to back off the cement and there is a lip there.Check it out before you launch.
  7. Hey bigchev what shells did you find gave the best pattern?I've got some Rem-duplex 4x6 ,some strait 5 Rem. and some strait 6 Wins. to try.All in 3 inch.
  8. Yah they went to the double slide.I did alot of research.Probably looked at 200 reviews from "pros" and consumer reviews and didn't find many bad ones.I actualy found more bad reviews on the Winchester I have been using for the past 20 years.I was a little werry of a pump shotgun that you can buy with a 28" waterfoul barrel,a 24" turkey barrel (with fiber-optic sites),a riffled cantilever slug barrel,4 chokes and a cable trigger lock all in camo for $520.00 brand new.Also found out they are the only one to pass a military spec that requires 3000 trouble free shots in various conditions including being totaly imerssed in mud without cleaning.Figured I would give the 500 a go. Mossbergs ain't pretty or quiet but niether am I.
  9. Just bought a new mossburg 500 with a turkey barrel and choke.Hope to get out this week and pattern it.Bought three diferent loads hope one of them is "the one".
  10. Taking the most biodegradable supstance on earth and putting it in a plastic bag has never made sense to me.
  11. I took the wife and my 3 kids.Cost 54 dollars for a whole days entertainment for a family of 5.Can't really do much for that.Cheaper than taking them to a movie and much better to learn more about something REAL than the fantasy land of blue creatures. The kids really liked the dog trials.We took our own snacks so spent no money on food or drinks.The only complaint I have is for the some of the vendors.When the show says it closes at 6:00pm you shouldn't be packing all your stuff up at 4:00pm.I went to a vendor (who I think advertises on here so no names) to make a big purchase over $600.00 and they were too busy packing up to be bothered to sell to me.Really no a big deal as I can buy it somewere else but still if your open till 6pm it means 6pm. All in all a good day for us.
  12. Looked at the sattilite picture and its looking good but I haven't been up to check it out yet. Heres the link. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/mod...on=o&page=1
  13. Killing them with bullets may be not the answer but as a hunter with friends who have a sheep farm I can tell you that yotes learn real fast were they get shot at and were they don't.My friends lambs are much safer now than his anti-hunting nieghbors.
  14. I think Skevys is open at 6am.Give him a call 1(613)969-1035 just to make sure.
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