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  1. I did just buy the blanks and make the handle. Just a hobby for me, those were just my first three. The blades are all 440c, which like aplumma said great for some not for others. Like I said just something I've taken an interest in over the last few weeks.
  2. Here's 2 more I made this week. There both mini capers. One in micarta one we've taken to calling it Nemo.
  3. Thanks all for the kind words and advice. This knife has yet to be polished and completed. I just got excited with how well it turned out. A few turns on the buffer with some beeswax and this little beauty should shine!!
  4. Thanks Lew..like I said this is my very first one and I believe it turned out pretty darn good. Getting orders from my fishing buddies already!!
  5. Sorry cant figure out how to make them small enough to post all in one.
  6. So recently I've decide to take up a new hobby being as were kinda slow in the cabinetmaking buisness right now. Thought I'd put this out there to get some feedback. I'm going to start making pinecone, micarta, and other different medium knives but this one is bamboo on a 440c 10" fillet blank. Good and bad comments welcome, trying to get a feel for what kind of market there may be for these. The blade was a sample I received to check quality, the etchings were done by the company I got the blank from I'm guessing they were using it as a sample as well.
  7. Hey all looking for a little help my buddy was robbed lastnight of his gear. All I know at the moment is that its 1 electric canon downrigger 1 manual and 4 rods and reels. I will update this when I hear back from him specifics but if anybody in southern ontario hears of any "bargains" please notify me. Thanks All
  8. We just got one 45$ bucks...because my 7 month pregnant girlfriend was having severe pain and I couldn't get her off the back steps. They responded 15 mins later...I live in a town of 2000 people...sat at the end of the driveway after loading her up for 10 mins...the hospital is literally a 1 min drive from my house...I beat them there.
  9. Am I wrong in thinking that Neil was rescued from the shoreline? I recall reading a story about a firefighter rescuing a dog off a cliff and in turn having to call to be rescued? http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/man-and-dog-rescued-from-cliff-at-scarborough-bluffs-1.908991 I wonder what his bill was...Seems outrageous to me! I'd gladly throw 5 in the hat if anyone was taking up donations for this poor guy. Sounds like he devoted allot of his life molding young lives, and I'm sure makes more reasonable choices then most do.
  10. So 3 times in 2 days I've seen a stunning snowy owl on my way to and from work. Yesterday on the drive home from point clark I catch just a glimpse of what I thought was just possibly my first snowy owl. I was stoked to say the least. This morning I was like a kid at christmas, alert and explorative as we came up to the area I spotted it earlier. BAMMMM there it was sitting right a top a hydro pole right where we caught the glimps earlier...Beautiful majestic creature about 22 inches high with I would guess to be an about 30 wing span. On the way home-camera phone ready...unbelievable...same spot. We managed 2 pics, will hopefully get them from my co-worker and post. Anybody in the Amberlee area, head towards Lucknow just outside of town keep an eye out!!
  11. Mine too all composite..the steel toe and shank freeze up in the winter
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