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  1. Is that really necessay? Brutal chuck Guys, you seem very knowledgeable and intelligent, but also very naive as consumers. My total cost for electricity to come out of my outlets over the last year. = $1928 The total KWH for the last year = 12 346 My experienced cost of electricity as it comes out of my outlets ‘on average’ is = 15.6 cents / KWH. [the 18.7 cents / KWH must have been based off of one of my more expensive bills] Add 10% to 15.6 [comes into effect May first] = 17.16 cents / KWH. [Also on May 1st we switch to summer pricing] For the ease of shopping and comparing I will likely assume a 20 cents / KWH or a 15 cents / KWH. To say that electricity costs 6.7 cents/kWh for off-peak, 10.4 cents/kWh for mid-peak and 12.4 cents/kWh during peak demand times does not take into account all the ‘other fees’ as it should. We pay them, thus it is a cost for us to have electricity. It’s a no brainier. To do otherwise is like saying the cost of driving a car is only the cost of the gasoline you put into it, and we all know there is car payments, insurance, repairs, etc.
  2. lol im in the lighitng industry as well and bassassin is 100% right for calculating hydro savings I use $.11 a KWH its the standard in the industry and if your buying an LED for 8 bucks its going to be garbage, our LED a19 bulb goes for around $35-$40.00 Chuck
  3. Notty is probly the higest i have seen it in a very long time
  4. I know a good plumber and a sparky. you will def. need both at least. I also know a kitchen installer if needed. all 3 of them are my neighbours, comes in handy from time to time. Plumber installes for devon Leigh and the sparky is union out of barrie fully lisenced. PM me if you would like there contact info. Both located in Angus chuck
  5. Habs and leafs tonight, GO HABS GO

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    2. davey buoy

      davey buoy

      Gotta go for the Leafs as well.

    3. Acountdeleted


      Go leafs. Try to make it intersting tonight habs. :)


    4. chuckymcd


      They layed a smash down!!!!! hahahahaha

  6. might have to check out some rivers this weekend!

  7. Awesome, lots of nice bass there man!
  8. I Dont think I would feel safe on the great lakes in a 12 foot boat, but thats just me. Good Luck
  9. The True cannadian outdoors bait and tackle (old 400 bait and tackle) is having 20% off everything in the store. They are pretty much right beside bass pro.
  10. Thanks guys sometimes the best pics are done in the water
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