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  1. Anybody have experience on these lakes through the ice? I've done well for pike and the occasional walleye in the summer, but haven't tried at all on the hardwater. A little worried about currents and thin ice as I know they're all connected to the Rankin River system...
  2. nice! nothing better to a day on the sleds rewarded with some brookies
  3. nice fish and great vid! definitely got my heart going and all fired up for lakers!
  4. nice to hear i'm not the only one having trouble getting splake to hit! i stubbornly avoid live bait if i can, so i'm sure that's part of the lack of success. still, nobody was complaining about a day spent in the beautiful crown land east of the park. the snowshoe alone was worth it. i had us all set up with 4lb braid to a tiny swivel to a 3' 4lb fluoro leader to a small snap swivel. any chance the braid is spooking the fish? it's the lightest stuff i can find. or the swivels?
  5. well, by now i'm sure you all know ice conditions are excellent. we hit a small lake west of maynooth that's stocked with about 1000 splake every other year. about a 4km snowshoe in from the road, all through beautiful crown land. no luck for us except one missed fish! seemed like maybe we were the first on the hardwater but that didn't help us get into any trout. we jigged everything from silver and gold spoons, buckshots, white tubes, and different grubs between 15' and 1' of water, mostly looking at fallen timber and rock piles on shore. splake are supposed to be easy to catch, but they've evaded me so far!
  6. thinking of hitting some smaller splake/speck lakes this weekend east of the park. if anybody's been up there and has an idea of ice conditions i'd really appreciate the info. also, if any of you kind folks want to recommend some good lakes that are easy enough to snowshoe into (<5km), i'd really appreciate that too! i'm just going off the backroad atlas recommendations right now.
  7. this may have been discussed already, but help me settle a dispute with a friend: do you boil the ice in the pail that forms overnight, or do you toss it aside because it has much less sugar than the liquid sap?
  8. good ice on GB means hardwater steelhead even as the tribs start to flow. i usually float a roe bag off bottom like every other joe, but i'd like to try for these beauts with artificials. so what do you jig? small spoons? small grubs? big white tubes? sz 16 stonefly nymphs? anybody have any good advice or experience?
  9. http://www.mec.ca/product/5022-633/salomon-elbrus-wp-winter-boots-mens/?h=10+50026&q=salomon good pair of boots there
  10. i guess you and i are reading different papers. or maybe you're not reading any papers. his last budget was $200 000 000 more than miller's last budget. and that doesn't include the upcoming $100 000 000+ expenses resulting from his decision to cancel the Transit City plan. those are the facts. that's the thing. the fiscal realities aren't in ford's favour. there is almost nothing positive to say about this man. just that he's human. we're all human. that's not what makes a good mayor.
  11. buddy, what has he accomplished? even other conservatives agree he's done next to nothing positive and bungled a whole lot of very important issues. i know he's human. he's a particularly untrustworthy and troubled human who needs a new job far away from civic politics.
  12. if you're still insisting I DON'T CARE WHAT HE SMOKES AS LONG AS HE DOES HIS JOB REAL GOOD read this: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/11/05/john-moore-rob-ford-never-was-rob-ford/ "Ford uses voodoo math to insist that he has saved a billion tax dollars. In fact, his most recent budget was $200-million larger than the previous mayor’s last budget. That beats inflation, and is worthy of praise on that basis, but it’s not transformational government." why defend this failure of a mayor? is it because you were enamoured with his principles and can't stand to let that go? beyond coming to light as a substance abusing, drug dealer befriending, globally laughable figure, he has saved the city no money and used taxpayer money to his own ends. espouse your conservative values sure, but rob ford isn't living up to the story that's being created for him
  13. i agree--personal issues aren't really the public's concern. it could be forgiveable if he were delivering on promises and making things better. but he has not. he has cost the city over a hundred million in one terrible decision alone. the story that he's 'getting the job done' is based on nothing but his own boasts. he's a loudmouth about saving the taxpayer money, but there's not substance to any of his claims. so what are we left with? a publicly drunk, abusive, hypocritical, deceitful blowhard of a mayor who has set the city back a decade and accomplished nothing but the degradation of public employment and services. it's not just about whether or not he smoked crack once. it's about his continuous lying, shady dealing, and generally terrible policy. don't pity him because he's 'only human'. hold him accountable for his dishonesty and disservice to the city he's been hired to improve.
  14. what are you talking about? nobody even knows who will be running in the 2014 election. i'm sure there will be more than one candidate who isn't a public drunk, doesn't use city hall letterhead to solicit for personal causes, doesn't use taxpayer money to payroll unaudited cronies in the executive committee, and doesn't ignore all expertise to scrap years' worth of careful planning at a more than hundred million dollar cost. seriously, hardly any candidate could be worse. rob ford has been a terrible, terrible mayor. he is a lowpoint of canadian politics.
  15. Crack cocaine is just another brick in the crappy wall of Rob Ford's mayoralty. He's an unruly and allegedly violent alcoholic. He's a homophobe and a racist in a city that is world renowned for inclusion and diversity. He surrounds himself with known criminals, appoints them to his executive committee or hires them for his office, AT THE TAXPAYER'S EXPENSE. There was no 'gravy train' when he took office, numerous audits have shown that. His biggest accomplishment? Privatized garbage collection, eliminating good jobs but saving the city ten million dollars a year. Scrapping Transit City (against all experts' advice) cost an estimated ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY MILLION DOLLARS. That's a fiscal hole no amount of scrimping, saving, and slashing can escape. Bottom line: who cares that he smoked crack 'in one of [his] drunken stupors'. The point is he's a terrible mayor who has COST THIS CITY MONEY. He's a hypocrite and an embarrassment, and needs to be booted from office at the next election.
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