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  1. Hmmm.... Kinda tastes a bit like chicken. Kenny G.
  2. So what lake did you end up at? Kenny G.
  3. Extraordinary fish! The colors are just unbelievable. Thank you for sharing. Kenny G.
  4. I soo envy you! That looks sooo good! Kenny G.
  5. Looks good in a bikini! Kenny G.
  6. Saw them at Molson park in '92 Lollapalooza . Other bands were Soundgarden, Janes Addiction,Ministry,Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Wow what a weekend I think!!! STP were on a side stage as well and Rage against the Machine. Kenny G.
  7. Fantastic news! Congratulations all around. I have a boy five and a girl two. I wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China. It can be tough at times, but it's all worth it. Cheers, Kenny G.
  8. Great report Mike. It looks like the fish were definitely cooperating. Thanks for sharing, Kenny G.
  9. That is great fishing! Good job. :thumbsup_anim: Kenny G.
  10. I have seen them at Chapters. Kenny G.
  11. That is an excellent cake. Happy Birthday. Kenny G.
  12. Way to go helping out a fellow member. GOOD JOB! Kenny G.
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