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  1. hello all would anyone know if the operators are running yet.any info would be great thanks jamie
  2. hello all just wanted to say to everone after a long absence.its been a long year on the family front.hope all is well with everyone.jamie
  3. hello all there was a funny application put on the threads about dating a guy's daugther.i was wondering if i could get a copy but not sure who wrote it and how to get it thanks jamie
  4. lakeshore i have a cottage on sand lake,that time of year you will need to be on bottom for lakers or trolling with riggers.beaver lake is full of pike and you will be tired.best of luck jamie
  5. hello all does anybody know the date as i am unable to find my book and i want to set aside that weekend thanks jamie.[huntsville area]
  6. dan try angling outfitters woodstock ont ask for jocelyn he should be able to help you out cheers jamie
  7. hello all happy st patty's day to you all.may the luck of the irish be on your shoulder all year.jamie
  8. hey i was looking for a web site more than anything,but the info on the boat will be going up in the classifieds in a day or two.jamie
  9. hello all due to a suprize announcement from my wife that she has to go and do what she has always wanted to.i will be selling my boat but have know idea where to find out how much is fair.any help would be great.jamie
  10. hello all thanks for the info help cheers jamie
  11. hello all just wondering if there operating as i am having a hard time finding a contact number.i know a few have changed hands but am unable to locate info.jamie
  12. hello all i'm not sure if it is open,would anyone know thanks jamie
  13. don't forget a dash of horseradish cheers jamie
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