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  1. Thanks everyone for the input and suggestions, I'll place a few calls.
  2. Some friends and I are looking to book a cottage anywhere within 4-5hrs of Toronto that is available to rent this time of the year. Waterfront property would be great, we are just looking to unwind and relax. I've been searching but most places rent weekly, we are looking to perhaps rent for 3 nights only. Close to some Prov Park would be great since we enjoy hiking. Thanks
  3. Some people swear by the filter. Having to open and clean it every 5L wasn't for me. I got pills (aquatabs) they are chlorine base so if you don't like the taste keep the bottle open and the gas will evaporate leaving no taste. Or you can add crystal light to flavor the water as well. One tablet can disinfect 1L of water in 30mins. If the water is very cloudy or filled with debris used a coffee filter to get rid of the big particles.
  4. Either Rapala "magnum" series I believe or Shimano STC which is a little more pricey.
  5. If you want a cheap alternative go check out the base layers at mark's work warehouse.
  6. There is a house in Thornhill that does that every year. The choice of music is not as cool though
  7. I want a dog like this. Dog Catches a Huge Salmon - Watch more Funny Videos(Can someone embed it please)
  8. Shouldn't you have asked before you purchased not after.
  9. Go to autotrader.ca and find same model with around same km's. Then present that to them, my friend did that for his car and got a much better settlement.
  10. You mind telling me the seller, if he has more at that price. I'll check it out.
  11. That's a great hobby! It can probably keep you busy until the ice is ready.
  12. The Canada Goose is a fashion statement as someone mention above. I rather stick with my North Face Titanium jacket with armpit zippers to cool down during active sports. It also repels rain much better then the CG and isn't as bulky. If the guys who climb Mt Everest wear North Face, I'm sure it good for my winter sports.
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