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  1. RobbieTheM

    bass bass bass

    Canadian and American fish in the same pond?????
  2. RobbieTheM

    Did you hear about the 4 1/2 -pound crappie?

    I wonder how old that thing would be to grow that size?
  3. RobbieTheM

    Stanley Cup Bound ?

    So true.... but we can all only hope for just one playoff series. I miss getting excited about a hockey game that means something!
  4. RobbieTheM

    Jury Duty... NF

    I got the same questionnaire in the mail last week. First time in my life I have ever received one. Fingers crossed I am not selected!
  5. RobbieTheM

    Bills Eagles game

    Thanks for posting these pics. I have never been to a live football game but from the looks of ur pics I am missing out. The party in the parking lot must be a blast!
  6. RobbieTheM

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Enrique's new song....forget the name
  7. RobbieTheM

    Sales at CT and PA

    Thanks for the heads up on the ctek. Gotta love princess auto!!!
  8. RobbieTheM

    need some positive thoughts and prayers

    Good luck man. I have had 3 family members survive in the past 2 years. Keeping her positive is half the battle.
  9. RobbieTheM

    steelhead newbie

    For some guys it takes a few years and many many hours on the streams to master the art......don't give up on them, once you get the hang of it will be well worth it!
  10. RobbieTheM

    My wife bought a tablet

    Love the Galaxy. IMO the best system is Android....and they are only getting stronger!
  11. RobbieTheM


    What the heck.....That is madness. Like flying along in a bass boat and having a sturgeon jump out of the water and take you out!!
  12. RobbieTheM

    light spinning rods?

    The Voltaeus is a great rod. Much better feel than an Ugly Stick IMO. They run about the same price too with the lifetime warranty. Haven't seen many around in the lighter models but being Shimano I am sure you can find them!
  13. RobbieTheM

    Ice shack baby.....yeah!

    That is a beauty unit. I have been in many nice huts before but that one may take the cake! Enjoy it!
  14. RobbieTheM

    fenwick vs. st croix

    I have both and they are both great companies. GLoomis is the only better as far as I am concerned!