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  1. TrippyJai

    Luck E Strike RC STX Jerkbait in Ontario?

    I recall seeing them at BPS.
  2. TrippyJai

    Possible scam?

    FedEx is known to bill you a month later on import charges if they didn't collect at the door. So it could be legit. If you don't remember getting something that was from FedEx, give them a call and confirm that it is indeed sent out by them. So many scammers these days, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a scam.
  3. Ignore him, you don't need to talk or deal with him again. You either pay him the money and tell him to write you a note saying you paid for all the damages and everything had been dealt with or tell him to go through insurance to get his car repaired. He can quote you on how ever much he wants and even choose not to repair his car after getting the money from you. What he should do is give you a copy of the estimate though so you can see for yourself. The quote he is giving to you is a settlement deal. You can choose not to pay and again, let him deal with insurance. I've been in many accident where I wasn't at fault. I take pictures of the damages, their driver's license, insurance paper, then make them sign a paper stating they were at fault and agree to pay for all damages. You are suppose to file a collision report, but I never do this since I have all the info I need. We both meet up at the dealership and some people can't afford to pay the quote. I usually give them a week so they don't have to go through insurance because it's better to pay out of pocket if you can or your insurance rates sky rocket and you end up paying more. If they pay me, then I write them a note and signing it saying they have paid for all damages. If not, then I take it to the insurance company, send them all the info and pictures I took down. They will take care of me by fixing my vehicle and providing a rental car. He either doesn't have insurance and wants to cover his butt or he's trying to pull a fast one. LOL at him saying he will sue you.
  4. TrippyJai

    Shimano's new reel repair policy

    When you pay more for a Stradic, you are not paying for longevity or repair-ability. You are paying because they use better material/bearings and the reels are more refined. If you need to send your reels to Shimano for repairs/cleaning. I think your better off buying cheaper reels which you can abuse for a few seasons and get the next model that comes out. A well maintained reel can last you literally forever. I do minor maintenance on them during the season and they receive a complete break down at the end of the season. Shimano has always been good when I needed to order parts. Take the time to learn how to clean your own reels, plenty of information online and not hard to do at all. I remember I paid $140 at Aikmans to clean 3 reels (1 spinning/2 bcs) and to install some bearings. Turn around time was 2-3 weeks. This was the first time I brought my reels for servicing. Now I have 10+ reels and if I can keep them in good shape myself, resell value will be better when I decide to upgrade my gear.
  5. TrippyJai

    Chronarch E review

    Curado E = Chronarch E. They are the exact same reel. The only difference is the Curado has an aluminum drag star and the Chronarch has a plastic composite drag star. The Chronarch gets 1 carbon drag upgrade, but that's more of a fix than an actual upgrade. A few other very minor differences. If you feel a difference in the two reels then it could be something as simple as grease, a bearing, dirtiness can make a reel feel different. I have over 10 Curado Es and they are not all the same in personality. All Shimanos from the Citica and up can cast baits a country mile, which is why Shimanos are great. Set and forget. The lighter spools will cast light baits better.
  6. TrippyJai

    Palomar for Floro?

    Easy to tie, very strong and you don't have to worry about breaking off at the knot.
  7. TrippyJai

    BPS had their chance. NO MORE.

    I rarely shop at BPS because the prices are horrible. I mean horrible! Their customer service is a hit and miss like any other place. LeBron in Mississauga has always made me feel uncomfortable when someone stares at you. Maybe they want to help me, but most of the time when I'm buying, I've already done my research and know what I want or need. The LeBron at Markham has improved in customer service over the years and people are much friendlier and they help if they can.
  8. TrippyJai

    Dobyns Rods

    I am very picky with my gear so I'm glad Dobyns got it right. It's about balance and while there are lighter rods out there, they've really missed the mark on that aspect. I also prefer a full cork handle and ECS reels seats so that's a plus for me. They also use decent grade cork for a shelf rod. Overall, it's everything I want in a rod since these days every company are moving away from cork and to split grips.
  9. I watched the same episode and I still get those stupid phone calls after telling them I've cleaned my duct and not to call again. If you choose do it. Make sure you watch them like a hawk and if you need to ask questions then do so. Before and after pictures would be great too, although not every company uses cameras. I would say it's totally worth it. The first thing I've noticed was the air flow was a lot better. I wouldn't do it every year if you've changed your house filter every 3-4 months. I would suggest to do it then keep up with changing your filters and it should be good for a long time.
  10. TrippyJai

    New Reel Advice (bass)

    Just pick a reel that is comfortable. It doesn't matter which reel you end up choosing, almost every reel is capable of getting the job done. The reason why people prefer a fast gear ratio is to pick up slack line quickly to make the next cast. In reality, a 6:0 vs. 7:0 is like 3 inches per turn and in close distances, you won't notice a thing. Don't use a cranking reel (5:0) because you don't need the torch from the reel, once you set the hook, it's all about your rod moving fish out of cover. If you don't have enough power, then you need another rod that will give you that power. As for drag, I've never had an issue with that for bass fishing, the guys down south are using the same gear we are and they catching bass 2x our size.
  11. TrippyJai

    GM rated near the top by Consumer Reports

    If you take care of your car then you can easily get 300,000+ KM on it. Doesn't matter if it's a Honda or a Ford, Japanese, German or American. I probably know 5-6 people who have well over 300k KM on their cars and they are different companies/models. Do you know how many people I've come across who don't even get their oil changed. My 02 Accord V6 has 310,000 KM and still going strong. Engine is still smooth as butter, but the maintenance issues are adding up. I need a new timing belt, all season and winter tires, and a few other minor fixes. I can probably get another 100,000 KM easily if I continue to take care of it. Take it easy on the road and get it fix when you have a problem. I know it's easier said than done because I have a friend whose a mechanic who takes care of me. Last night, I hit 9 red lights in a row with this other vehicle on Yonge Street in the middle of the night. When I saw the yellow light from a head, I would release my gas and slow my pace and by the time I got there, it was green and I accelerated at 30km/h. This guy stopped at every red light because he didn't drive smart. There were also no other cars except us two. That can't be good for the car to be driving with a such heavy foot, especially if you drive everyday. A lot of wear and tear.
  12. TrippyJai

    Kool, Dave Mercer’s ...Boat's For Sale

    I'll probably sell it as well and use the money to purchase a smaller boat that is more suited for me. That boat is more than I would need. Use that extra money to use some sweet sweet gear!
  13. TrippyJai

    Bewdley shore fishing rant

    They deserved it. The MNR can make a ton of money if they took the time to check these spots more often. It's a win/win situation. Anyways, I agree on not returning to these type of spots. I love to fish because it gives me a chance to get away from the city. Even when I am fishing within city limits, If there are people there, I like to avoid them at all costs.
  14. TrippyJai

    Am I able to get this rod exchanged?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll just bring it into Aikman for the convenience of it.
  15. TrippyJai

    Am I able to get this rod exchanged?

    I was thinking the same thing. I still have the receipt and the Clarus rod is Limited Lifetime warranty. Would I be able to take it into A. Aikman Sporting Goods & Repair to get the rod replaced or at least repaired? I tried to call Aikman many times and they never pick up. I even need some Curados cleaned out and relubed as well.