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  1. my 150 optimax wont turn a 19p tempest plus on my boat (max rpm is 5000 with that one), bought a 17p tempest plus and gained 400rpm so it put me at 5400 rpm, raised the motor another hole hoping to gain another 100-150 rpm but ended up losing 100 rpm and it put me at 5300 max trimmed out, can figure out why I lost rpm instead. im looking for someone to work on the 19p tempest to repitch it to a 17 and maybe shave some weight off it to get my rpms up a bit more. think they call it labbed or blueprinted, something like that, and keep the 17p as a spare. just thinking about this right now whether I want to go that route or not but id like to talk with whoever first to see if they can do it. thanks again for the recommendations . either that or sell the 19p and try another prop out
  2. are there any "goto" prop guys in the gta? looking to get a prop reworked (not repaired). rpm #;s are in the lower end of the operating range, 5300 rpm is max im getting and max for the motor is 5750 rpm. wanted to see if there is anything they can do with the current prop to get me a little more rpm. thanks
  3. for every drop in pitch will equal approximatly 200 rpms increase and vice versa. the 17p will bring your rpms up to about 5700 according to the numbers you have when alone in he boat. im going through the same thing trying to get mine setup......almost there (crossing my fingers) . my boat wont turn a 19p tempest plus but the 17p is almost bang on. gotta sell the 19p now....it gets expensive testing props. also if your trying out 4 blade props.....a 16p 4 blade should turn the same rpms as a 17p 3 blade
  4. what friends of mine did with their camera was to rig it so the camera pointed down and lowered it to about 5-6ft above the bait as the camera was also spooking fish when it was pointing horizontaly
  5. just had the same thing happen with mine and was the same part that went. the mechanic called ford to see if there was a recall on the part as the new one looked a bit different (it now mounts away from the frame instead of up against the frame)but there was no recall.
  6. with my 60 merc 4stroke i can only troll down to 2.3mph (tracker targa 16), have to use 2 5gallon pails to slow me down to 1.5mph. so switching to a merc 4stroke is out for you. look at other manufactures and see if they come with a something that would allow you to control the rpms to go below "normal idle" rpm's. i dont know if im making sense here or not
  7. from reading the other thread, the only thing that was cracked on my Tracker was the windscreen
  8. it took a bit but am happy with the work P&A Plastics did fabticationg a new windscreen for the boat. here she is, went with a shade or 2 lighter for when im running back up river at dusk. nothing fancy, and almost the same as the original. heres the original and the new i might be able to see where thehell im going now big thanks to those that helped in sending me in the right direction
  9. thank you for the link to PA. i'll give them a call next week. thanks for the help
  10. or a plastics place that could put a couple 90 degree bends in a piece of plastic or lexan, i dont mind changing the shape from the original mounting location
  11. went to pull the boat out yesterday and discovered that the windscreen on my side console had snapped over the winter under the tarp. does anyone know of a plastics place in the GTA that can form me a new piece for the boat. thanks
  12. from my understanding, once the logging contracts are completed with the Park the government wont be allowing anymore logging. this was the answer given at a meeting with the Algonquins of Golden Lake
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