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  1. Don't forget about Cabelas they usu ally have good stock Just up the 400 about 25 minutes then you can head back on the north side of Simcoe I live in Mississauga and have a place on Buckhorn and i take that route occasionally ....nice drive
  2. buckhorn250

    All Weather Tires

    Winter tires real dont cost anything...here is my thinking. if your going to keep you car for 120k or more...your going to have to buy a set of new tires. Buying a set of winter tires at the beginning means you split the mileage over both sets of tire. So over 120k...go through 2 sets of all season tires or ...go through 1 set of all season, 1 set of winter tires. I recognize its more money up front...but for a small cost difference at the end, you'll have the benefit of winter tires...not to mention some insurance companies give you a small discount if you have winters.
  3. buckhorn250

    Uncut Angling does it again

    Aaron is always entertaining. I think its time for another 39 hours !!
  4. buckhorn250

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    Chris and the guys at Shimano are fantastic. They know their stuff and stand behind the product. I've had a great experience with them clean and tuning reels. A couple of years ago, I tripped in the boat, had one of my Curados in my hand and I snapped the handle off at the shaft. Reel was only 6 months old but I broke it so had every expectation that there would be a cost to repair. Went into Shimano, told them exactly what happened...response was " it should not have broke" ...told them, Im a big guy and fell on a small reel....still " the shaft shouldn't have broke" ...no charge. Kinda felt guilty...but solidified me as a Shimano customer for life...I don't buy anything else.
  5. buckhorn250

    Anyone own a Lund 1975 ProV?

    Don't forget about the trailer wheel wells. I have an 1875 Lund Impact which is a bit narrower then the Pro V and with the trailer I have exactly 3/4" of clearance on my 8ft garage doors.
  6. Thanks...appreciate it.
  7. buckhorn250

    Ouch... thats gotta hurt...

    "Upon further inspection of the trailer, the officers discovered a chest freezer with a built-in compartment under a false bottom " "87 over the combined possession limit for Krueger and his spouse" Geez if this doesn't warrant a lifetime ban I cant image what would.
  8. buckhorn250

    Shimano factory fire

    found the article... http://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/hundreds-of-employees-evacuated-as-fire-rips-through-shimano-factory-and-headquarters-in-japan-374394
  9. Hey Guys I have seen pictures of the "when did the ice go out on Chemong" sign in Bridgenorth...have tried to find it a couple times...but no luck. Anyone know exactly where it is? Thanks
  10. buckhorn250

    Are Polarized Fishing Glasses worth it

    Polarized glasses are a huge benefit. Allows you to see into the water column rather then just surface reflection. Any good quality pair of polarized glasses will do...the wrap around type that block all light from coming in from the sides are best.
  11. buckhorn250

    How safe will the Simcoe Perch fields be this weekend

    thanks guys...appreciate the insight....looking forward to it.
  12. Hey guys I had a perch weekend on Simcoe booked with the boys this Saturday...first time for all of us. After the recent thaw and a warmer Saturday how safe will it be out there? Im booked with Mitchells in Beaverton. Thanks
  13. buckhorn250

    Navionics for iphone

    the app will notify you on an annual basis. It can be a bit misleading...ask you for the update...you may not notice that its charging your account the 17 bucks. I copied this from their app page.... Navionics+ is a one-year subscription. Download detailed maps by zooming in or from Menu>Download Map: Once mine expired I could see the maps but none of the contour details
  14. buckhorn250

    Navionics for iphone

    It is a great app and worth the money...dont forget its an annual subscription.
  15. buckhorn250

    Ski doo grand touring starting issue

    The DES switch will not kill the motor if its not seated properly...you will hear a constant beep until its positioned properly. if the carbs were cleaned it could be a low idle setting. there is a knob on the center of the carb assembly that you can turn with your hand...start the machine and give it a turn and you will hear the revs increawe or decrease...try raising the idle revs a bit.