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  1. Bridgenorth Causway

    I get you point but its also a safety issue. I know most people that fish from the causeway are not the issue but some folks forget they are on a major roadway, every year I have to dodge at least 2 or 3 people that just 'walk out on to the road' I do understand the littering problem as well, I fish in Gagnon narrow a fair bit and every time I leave a I have pretty good pile of garbage in the boat I have picked up from the shore lines.
  2. Power Drive or Terrova

    You'll regret not going with the Terrova, as mentioned smother stow and deploy, iPilot with foot pedal and built better. The big issue with the Powerdrive is the joke of an analog foot pedal, my buddy is on his third and you never know when its going to let you down so you have to have a spare on hand. Put the extra $s into a Terrova
  3. Simcoe Perch Ice Fishing - Operator question

    Im looking to do a day of Perch and another day of trout\whitefish....is there a better time of year for perch? thanks
  4. Hey Guys I have a place on Upper Buckhorn, but looking to do a day trip with the boys. Looking for Walleye and Smallmouths an hour or so north of the Buckhorn\Peterborough area. Any suggestions for a good lake in the area? Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  5. road paint on car. Please advise

    if you know where you picked it up you can call the city, they keep records of the crews and locations and are accountable. Had a friend pick up a new car in Woodbridge...drove home on the 407 and when he got home noticed the side had been sprayed with white paint...now dry. Contacted 407 and their insurance covered it.
  6. Looking to do a day trip into Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park...bass, walleye. Anyone fish there before? Is there area in the park that is best suited, boat ramp, parking etc. Any info would be appreciated. thanks
  7. Ok..so I'll start by saying that I firmly believe in recycling and consider myself a pretty 'green' guy. We've had a place in Trent Lakes for about 10 years and during that time I've witnessed a transformation of the waste dump. 10 years ago it was pretty informal, well managed and pretty easy going. You got a once a year free day tipping pass for spring cleanup and the only thing you really got charged for was refrigeration appliances...completely understandable. In the last five years its transformed into something very different, limited number of bags ...not only per year, but for each quarter..use em or lose em. Clear bags only and massive chargers for other waste. I dropped of a small pile of construction waste, filled a quarter of my small trailer...35 bucks. The same would have cost me under 5 bucks at the Mississauga dump. Also a transfer station. The real frustrating thing is that today when we did a dump run it took 25 minutes in line. They are going through cars like your at the boarder...its easier to get on an international flight then to get into the Buckhorn dump...but that's not the frustrating thing. I counted 14 people working there...for a dump?!?! Anyway I'm all for advancing the manner in which we manage our waste...but the manner in which they are doing it seems counter intuitive. ...and I didn't even mention the massive cardboard compactor (about the size of a truck trailer) that they purchased and I have heard doesnt work. I hate feeling that I'm funding their inefficiencies and bad business decisions. Curious is others are seeing similar transformations.
  8. Flooding?

    I was up on Upper Buckhorn on Saturday. Water level is way up. I have a ramp on my dock that usually slopes down 3 or 4 inches...currently slopping up at least 10. Water level is way up an close to a record high for this time of year. I also saw a couple of dock sections floating out in the middle of the lake...really hard to see so be careful out there.
  9. Ice Out Watch

    Ok. Quick update based on my drive to Buckhorn last night. Scugog...no ice visible from Hwy 7 Lower Pigeon ...completely open, some ice one the west shore, but not much Gagnon Narrows...completely open, can see some ice on the far south shore Upper Buckhorn...bays still iced up , water level is still low.
  10. Gannon Narrows wide open.

    Was up at the cottage yesterday. Gagnon narrows is still completely open. Only ice is that piles up in the inside corner of Pigeon. Buckhorn is completely ope right up to the two islands.
  11. Recommendations for kicker controls

    Can the front steering bar stay on all the time or do you have to remove it?
  12. Recommendations for kicker controls

    sorry...my mistake. Changed my mind and went with a motor with built in power trim
  13. Recommendations for kicker controls

    Thanks guys. I checked out all of these units. None seem to have power trim control...any suggestions on how best to control tilt?
  14. Buckhorn Lake - Open Water!

    Managed to get up to buckhorn on Friday. On the way up there was no ice what so ever in Gagnon Narrows. On the way back just a thin coat. Even our back bays had poor ice. After the next two weeks of forecasted weather I think I have a better chance of splashing my boat then taking the sleds out.
  15. Buckhorn Lake - Open Water!

    havent been up for a couple of weeks...is the level finally down on Upper Buckhorn?