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  1. Motor was assessed and serviced by Bay City Marine in Hamilton during June 2020 as part of the purchase transaction. Engine diagnostic report is available.
  2. FYI - The motor could be brought to the GTA for delivery.
  3. This motor is clean and runs well. It's located in the Ottawa Valley near Renfrew. I have a bill of sale from the previous owner who took great care of it...summers and winters. I'm selling it after two years of very little use as a kicker motor on my fishing boat. Asking price is $1250 as is.
  4. oh, if only it was this easy...3 hours on the water yesterday and saw 1 big carp...still lots of ice on the inner channels including by the rowing course
  5. Heading up to Eddie North's camp on the Attawapiskat River for the 5th time mid-June. Hoping to top my 45" PB pike.
  6. I fished the Attawapiskat with this guy a couple of years ago. He was a stranger then...now he's a fishing buddy. You will have a great time fishing with his group. I'll be on Beteau the same week.
  7. I was up there the same week as Skud and covered a lot of water looking for pike. We found a few 40+ fish, but it was tough going with the snow, cold, and overflowing water levels. What little success we did have with pike was in the shallow end of bays directly off the main channel where the water was warmer. We hardly saw any fresh weeds two weeks ago, hopefully that has changed by now. Good luck!
  8. I've done the Nakina trip 3 times and took spinning gear with me. A two piece 6'6" medium-heavy St. Croix worked great for pike up to 45" and 20+" walleye in current. The 7' heavy St. Croix that I also took was too much for most of the fish. 30 pound braid with 80 pound fluorocarbon leaders also worked for me.
  9. I've fished the Toronto harbour and islands dozens of times during the past 3 years in my Hobie Revolution and have never been stopped or asked for a permit by the marine unit. Why would that be required for a kayak?
  10. I have two 2-piece St Croix spinning rods that I use for pike...a 6.6 medium heavy and a 7 foot heavy. I prefer the 6.6 rod for pike because it's less tiring to cast and it can handle fish up to 45".
  11. I have a couple of Edgar Lake pics taken from the plane that I can share with you. I'm also willing to chat with you about my trip there 3 years ago. Flip me a pm to connect.
  12. Hi Bret...I'm on-line Sat. morning if you want to chat about Edgar...flip me a note.


  13. Hi Bret...I'm on-line Sat. morning if you want to chat about Edgar...flip me a note.


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