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  1. davis

    Mini truck

    i love it! nice job
  2. we have a friend with a cottage on the lake and I've fished it a few times. only had luck with bass. nice lake though, and boat traffic wasn't too bad - mostly water skiers/tubers in the middle of the lake.
  3. me. i'm a righty - cast with my left (and/or right - depends on the situation) and reel with my right on any spin & baitcaster. never realized I was in the minority until I'd pick up friends rods and realize everyone else reels in left handed. I also cut my food with the knife in my left hand and feed with my right. apparently also uncommon
  4. came across a video similar to this one recently of a bird downing an entire bucket of fish in seconds. ? crazy!!!
  5. Can i interest you in a 14' Sylvan? ; )
  6. love the vids. curious - what kind of camera do you use? looks like it's rigged directly to the line? are you watching it in real time while you're fishing?
  7. funny enough, just yesterday i stumbled on a youtube channel called "ladybass" - after youtube recommended I checkout one of her vids about bass fishing in Orlando. Here's one of her Orlando videos - I'm sure you can send a message and ask for some info
  8. Just fyi - i returned an item to CT on the weekend without a receipt. They used my debit card to find the transaction as proof of purchase.
  9. I use the natural charcoal starters mostly. 99% of my egg'ing is done on the weekends where i've got more time, so i usually cut a starter cube or two into a few pieces and spread it amongst the charcoal. About 15-20 i've got the grill on getting hot and ready to cook. Found this video when i was doing my research, but dont know if i'd try it -
  10. LOVE my BGE. It is possible to get it to cooking temp in about 15 - 20 mins - look for tips on YouTube. I get home too late during the week so it mostly gets used on weekends while my old gas Weber holds down the weekdays. After much research, i went with the XL and have no regrets. I'd advise not to go any smaller if you can afford it. Best thing i've made on it to date - grilled rabbit. Brined for 24hrs. Was incredible. I've also done our thanksgiving turkey on it and pizza (using the pizza stone).
  11. just got word that my father in-law will be giving up his license. they're looking to sell his Ford Escape (it's the 2nd generation model - probably 2011 or 2012). I dont have many details about it on hand, but can get them if you're interested - drop me a PM. I do know that it's in really great shape and my father in law is super meticulous about anything he owns. if i didn't already lease a new vehicle in Dec I would have snapped this up in a heart beat.
  12. Condolences to you and her family.
  13. during our walleye trips we've caught many monster SM (incidental) in and around the mouth of South River. they may move off those areas later in the season. South River is not too far a scoot from Callendar if you have the right boat for it.
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