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  1. my buddy had his rusted out frame replaced on his Tacoma. Had to kick and scream for a bit but they did it. practically had to rebuild the truck
  2. stupid question here - do any o-rings work, or are they marine specific and/or manufacturer specific?
  3. we have a friend with a cottage on the lake and I've fished it a few times. only had luck with bass. nice lake though, and boat traffic wasn't too bad - mostly water skiers/tubers in the middle of the lake.
  4. me. i'm a righty - cast with my left (and/or right - depends on the situation) and reel with my right on any spin & baitcaster. never realized I was in the minority until I'd pick up friends rods and realize everyone else reels in left handed. I also cut my food with the knife in my left hand and feed with my right. apparently also uncommon
  5. came across a video similar to this one recently of a bird downing an entire bucket of fish in seconds. ? crazy!!!
  6. Can i interest you in a 14' Sylvan? ; )
  7. love the vids. curious - what kind of camera do you use? looks like it's rigged directly to the line? are you watching it in real time while you're fishing?
  8. funny enough, just yesterday i stumbled on a youtube channel called "ladybass" - after youtube recommended I checkout one of her vids about bass fishing in Orlando. Here's one of her Orlando videos - I'm sure you can send a message and ask for some info
  9. Just fyi - i returned an item to CT on the weekend without a receipt. They used my debit card to find the transaction as proof of purchase.
  10. I use the natural charcoal starters mostly. 99% of my egg'ing is done on the weekends where i've got more time, so i usually cut a starter cube or two into a few pieces and spread it amongst the charcoal. About 15-20 i've got the grill on getting hot and ready to cook. Found this video when i was doing my research, but dont know if i'd try it -
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