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  1. I bought a Minnkota 34lb at Bass Pro in Niagara last weekend, they had stock of the 34lb think it was $169 but not the 30lb.
  2. Hi just wondering if anyone would have LGC-3000 or a 4000 gps puck kicking around they wanted to sell?
  3. Manitouwabing Lake

    1. Court R

      Court R

      Ok thanks, walleye?


    2. jimmer


      There are also very large pike and some whitefish in there, but walleye would be your target species.

    3. Court R
  4. Hi guys, heading up north family day weekend on Wahwashkesh, my lake isn't open for ice fishing, any suggestions around that area to give a try, i looked on the fish on line and found a bunch but haven't had a chance to fish any..
  5. This was my response from them Hello We unfortunately cannot offer this price on this product, we would be able to provide the item at the regular sales price of $2199.99 and include a $50 gift card due to the inconvenience. We do apologize for the miscommunication
  6. Jordan is a great spot as well as the Grand, I would try the harbor if that is closer for you, you don't need a boat there are some shore spots to fish, one spot would be at Bailys bridge and walk north towards the harbor with it gets a bit wider, pulled many cats up to 20lbs out of there..
  7. I guess if you don't want your truck stolen just have to hang one of those dream catchers from the drivers mirror, they probably don't steal from there own..I know a dozen or more people from here in Niagara that had there trucks stolen mostly Chev's and the ones found were at the rez.
  8. Great news, I'm heading up next week, you fishing callander bay?
  9. Walleye or lakers but don't really matter, we could bring the sleds, was thinking of a place that rents cottages on the lake, but we are open to suggestions we can travel to get to any good spots..
  10. Hi guys, I have a few friends that want to get away for the weekend for 2 or 3 days this winter and was looking for suggestions on where to go, don't want Simcoe, Quinte or Nippissing, somewhere 4 or 5 hours from Niagara is good, rent a cottage or something, thanks.
  11. I have seen this before, what you need to do is go to map off set and set it manually, go to one of the markers buoys ortip of a island and drag the cursor to it and set it.
  12. Hey guys got a question, just wondering why my Hot Maps Premium navonics chip don't have a lake on it now but it did before? can it get erased? Thanks
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